Phone Cajones

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So you might have heard that I'm in the process of applying to graduate school. It is a long process, but I'm thrilled to say that so far, it's going very well. I got into the #1 program in the country, I got into another smaller program and I got conditional acceptances at 2 other institutions (one of them is the Very Prestigious University I was visiting last weekend). Conditional because of one effing obnoxious thing: GREs.

I had my GRE scores sent in November to all the programs I was applying to. I ended up sending more than I needed to since Slappy pared down his interview/residency location list, but I lived and sucked up the TWENTY DOLLAR a piece price tag. No, I don't want to talk about the debt I've incurred just to apply to programs which will drag me MUCH farther into debt.

So as time goes on, I start hearing from several programs that still need my GRE scores. Now, I sent my GRE scores out AGES before my applications were due, and thankfully so far no one has turned me down for not having them in on time (though I did get an official rejection today because I took statistics more than 5 years ago...), but it's creating quite a hassle. Several programs, as mentioned, are waiting for those scores before accepting me.

Knowing this, I called ETS (they do all the GRE stuff) to see what was happening.

The man I spoke with told me that he has the receipts that they were sent out, so they should've gotten there, but that they would resend 2 of the 3 I needed resent for free. The 3rd is one I'd already had resent (because they didn't receive it earlier and asked me about it in December) and ETS won't send it a 3rd time for free. I would have to pay 20 dollars for a service I paid 20 dollars for before, without actually receiving said service. Um, I think not.

I (figuratively) put my foot down. We reviewed who the information was being sent to (the correct person/place), we reviewed what I wanted sent and they had the correct information and therefore, they decided I should pay.

Right. Because somehow when I clicked "send" on the online system, I am the one who screwed up the dispersal of all my GRE scores. RIGHT.

So we argued. I told him that I wasn't going to pay for it, but that it did need to be resent. He would not budge. So I asked for his supervisor.

She and I did the same dance. I got the "I'm sorry ma'am, we only send them out once" and "it's probably the schools' mistake." I'm sorry, this is an extremely well run, prestigious university, I doubt they have a lot of trouble sorting out GRE scores. SERIOUSLY. And really? 5 programs somehow all screwed up and didn't get my scores. Yea, that seems likely.

After about 10 more minutes of her telling me I'd have to pay and me saying that I would not pay, she relented. She said she'd make a "one time exception" (which is what she said last time she had to resend to this location...) and resend them for free.

I said, damn right you will thank you.

Phone cajones, I has them.


Anonymous said...

This sounds harsh but ETS people need to die. For reals.

How stupid is it that your GRE scores are "purged" after a certain time and you can't access them???!!! Which means if you took the GRE years ago, went to grad school once and are going back again *ahem*, you'd better make sure that second grad school appearance happens before the ETS idiots throw out your scores. Yeah, I wouldn't know anything about this. Nope.

Flea said...

You has them! Way to go!

I thought of you this evening. Friends I grew up with came through town this evening on their way back to Covington (their post-Katrina home) and were talking about the snow around Christmas time. Reminded me of your video. :)