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Friday, January 16, 2009

Now that I'm SLOWLY (imagine molasses pouring onto ice, that's about the pace we're talking) weaning my foot out of the effing boot, I've gotten to do some of the fun things that I've been missing out on. Like, you know, video games.

Okay, so technically I've played all the games I've wanted aside from one, Wii Fit.

I got it last year for my birthday and was really good at getting on it and setting reasonable health goals, for like the first month. And then we went to California to get married. And then we honeymooned (and got robbed). And then I got a job and then quit the job and started my old one. And, to stop my second year in review post short, the Wii fell by the wayside.

So this week one of my housemate's boyfriend ex-boyfriend "it's complicated" was in town and wanted to see how the Wii Fit worked. So I offered to show him.

When you step on the Wii Fit, it'll do a "Body Test" which is to say, it will weigh you and then show you how fat *ahem* out of shape you are.

Of course, having not been on it since before wedding, I have gained some weight, where some means like 10 pounds. And since I was getting on it in front of other people, when it came time to choose the weight of my clothing, I picked the highest weight (4 pounds) so that it wouldn't be as embarrassing. If they'd let me choose 15, I would've, but the Wii Fit is too smart for that.

So I weighed myself in front of several people, and took the beating when Wii Fit pointed out that I didn't achieve my goal of maintaining my pre-wedding weight for 6 months. (Not embarrassing, by the way...). I only did a few things and then handed it over and let others play.

I got on it again the next morning to play it more seriously. This time, I chose 2 pounds for my clothes, and shock of shocks, I gained half a pound from the night before. And the Wii Fit was disappointed in me. Like when I was a kid and my parents didn't want to yell or berate, so they just gave me the quiet disappointment talk. That's what the wii fit did.

And then it took it one step too far.

The Wii gave me a choice of like 10 different reasons of why I gained weight and it would not let me move onto the rest of the "body test" or any games until I told them why I thought I had gained a half a pound. Oddly, "Because I cheated last night" was not one of the choices. I don't remember what I picked, but I got another short lecture on healthy eating before my body test (eff you Wii Fit).

This body test was two balance games, one I rocked, and one I apparently did not, because this is what showed up on the screen...

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And then I threw the Wii Fit board out the window. I figure that effort was worth at least one minute of exercise.


Anonymous said...

i am SOOOO glad to hear someone else say something about how rude the wii fit can be. dammit, i have good balance, but i'm recovering from a badly broken leg, of COURSE i'm favouring the right leg. not to mention the first time you try anything you're not going to get it perfect. geez. they need a little editing on some of those stock phrases.

Anonymous said...

I think the thing is a crazed sadist. I hate that little talking board. I'm just glad it doesn't turn itself on and call for me. "Excuse me? Are you sitting at the computer again? Shouldn't you be in here exercising??"

Flea said...

You aren't the first one to complain about the Wii Fit and it's scale issues. Sounds like a bad Garfield cartoon.

Lipstick Jungle said...

I am glad I read this post before clicking "confirm purchase" or something like that, because I was seriously considering purchasing said item. I dont need it to tell me I weigh 8,943 pounds.

I will pass. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I've had the same thing! I gained 3 pounds apparently overnight... and it made me choose a reason "why" I don't think it's really possible to gain 3 pounds of actual fat in less than 24 hrs

It does sometimes say that your body will naturally fluctuate about +/- 2 pounds a day, which is true, so you're supposed to weigh yourself at the same time each day... But I never remember, and sometimes its like 12am when I'm using it.

I still love the fit though - my favourites are the step aerobics and the slalom jumping... HATE the soccer ball one - can never seem to get it right

Becs said...

Wii Fit will make you feel like total shit. My boyfriend has been working out a lot and is gaining lots of muscle. However, "working out and gaining muscle" is not one of the options when it asks why you gained weight. Also, he is almost overweight on the BMI part which is crazy. He is MUSCULAR. I don't get it.

lace1070 said...

I think those Wii Fit software writers have a twisted sense of humor ~ seriously ~ that scale can't possibly work right after being tossed around by my girls! Lie about your height and suddenly you are fit!!!! True story ~ I have mastered the ski jump and am so very proud since I totally suck at the tilt board and the soccer ball dodging!