Friday, January 23, 2009

I am safely at Daisy's (she's not a serial killer...yet) which is all things lovely and wonderful.

But, and this is a big but, my cat is missing.

Karma, my kitten that I got when she was 1 and 3/4 pounds and 6 weeks old, is missing.

She's been missing for almost 12 hours.

I know this is ridiculous, but if you have a minute, say a prayer for my cat. And for Slappy and I, because we might not have children, but Karma is pretty much our everything.

We need her to come home.


Lynn said...

My middle daughter just moved from an apartment into a house and that same day one of her cats just disappeared. I don't know where he was hiding but he did end up being in the a room everyone had checked a bunch of times. They can be really sneaky! Praying that your kitty turns up!

Becs said...

Keep looking! A friend of mine had a cat that fled from her house and she finally found the kitty three months later. Here's hoping.

Flea said...

Katie, I know it's no consolation, but cats are funny creatures and will periodically disappear for a day or two for no apparent reason. They always come back. Or are found sleeping in a cupboard.

Have fun with the serial killer!

CatMominPhilly said...

Come back kitty........come back. My fiance and i have two cats ,and they are our babies. :-)

Once, my outdoor cat got lost for 1 month and we found him under the neighbors house...locked in the "basement/under area"

Lipstick Jungle said...

Saying a prayer for Karma's return!!

I agree with other commenters, they come back more often than not. Our cats when sneaky enough to get out, get scared out of their minds and act like they don't know us, crouched hiding in places we fear they will never come out of. If she is not used to be out, she may be really close, and really scared. Have him look really close (and quietly) around the house.

Then there are those that have the need to run a little.

Put food and milk out during the day - that may also bring her back!

Anonymous said...

When inside cats get out they often freak out & end up hiding in a nearby spot. My friend's cat disappeared and he found her under the neighbors house 2 days later.
Look in dark, hidden areas where she might feel safer.

Put up signs in the neighborhood and register her as lost with the SPCA.

Good luck~!

Anonymous said...

Put ads in Gambit and the Times-Pic.

Three years ago my obese tabby went missing and I found him a month later thanks to a Gambit ad- he had been nabbed by a drunk Chicagoan college student who was crashing on a buddy's couch in nola for the summer.

The jerkface took him to Chicago, then dumped him on a friend somewhere in suburban Illinois.

Very long story-- but I got him back with the help of some kind strangers, some friends, my parents in Ohio and Continental Airlines.

Don't give up!