The Chronicles of Irony, Chapter 10,002: Cars

Friday, January 9, 2009

So I came downstairs tonight with the intention of a) getting out of the bed I've been lying in for a week b) blogging and c) playing mindless video games.

And the blog I had planned to write involved giving myself a big ole pat on the back for a great feat I was just about to accomplish:

Paying off the remaining balance on my car.

After 4 years of car payments, which I made, faithfully, on time, every month, even when unemployed, I was finally ready to own this car. The car was literally going to be mine.

And then, when I logged on to pay the car payment, I realized that I would have to update my debit card number since I had the card stolen/replaced. So I grabbed my wallet and then stared open mouthed at the obvious lack of my debit card in my almost completely empty wallet.

And after a moment of sheer panic, I realized that I had gone to the ATM this morning and withdrawn cash and that I LEFT MY BRAND NEW ATM CARD IN THE EFFING MACHINE. IN. THE. MACHINE. So my car is totally not paid off. And now I have to call the bank first thing tomorrow morning to see if I can get a new card. And I'm pretty sure the bank is going to be like, no, because obviously I'm not responsible enough to have a freaking debit card.

And what's REALLY great, is that that was not even the irony I was getting ready to blog about.

Because just before I started writing this blog and just before I realized I left my card in the ATM, I checked the mail and found a letter from my mom's insurance company which reads:

"For the accident of December 31, 2008, we have accessed your percentage of fault at 100% and the percentage of fault of any other driver or cause at 0%."

Yes, I know I sort of asked for that, but seriously? Seeing it in writing? OUCH.

So, I'm pretty sure that leftover money from not having a car payment is not going to go towards my credit card debt after all. Instead, it's going to go towards paying for SOMEONE ELSE'S CAR.

Oh the irony. Oh, the mother freaking irony.


Becs said...

sucks, sucks, sucks. Truly.

Flea said...

Oh ouch. Go back to bed, Katie. I'm sorry.

lace1070 said...

Oi! Where's that timemachine when you need one???? anyone? the flux capacitor is fluxing, let's go! I am pretty sure the main branch of the bank will be holding your card for you ~ it's happened to me before. Makes you feel so incompetent :) Hugs ~ Lace

Ness said...

Can we hope the person who used the ATM after you turned the card into the bank?

Let's hold on to that hope until it's proven otherwise.

Katie,even though both of our 2009 have not had sterling beginnings, we're gonna make it through this year. We have to.

Anonymous said...

I have left my card in the machine before and after a certain amount of time (around 30 or so seconds) It sucks your card back into the machine and will be waiting at that branch for you Monday morning. I actually sat at the machine putting up my cash and I think I cleaned some trash out of my wallet and to my horror when I was about to reach for my card, in the machine it went!

Becs said...

PS - I've done it, too. And the bank called me the next morning to tell me they had my card.