Chicago Redux

Monday, January 26, 2009

So, you may or may not have known that I spent the past weekend at my new best friend, Daisy's house.

She and I had both worried about the awkwardness of meeting in real life after our very limited interactions of texting each other 10,000,000 a lot of times and emailing pretty much constantly a lot of times. But, dude, it was so not awkward. It was fantastic (okay, maybe the first few minutes were a little clouded by having just found out that my cat was lost and then having sobbed through O'Hare to such an extent that a woman gave me a full bag of tissues. Um, yes, I am a sexy crier- why do you ask?).

On Saturday, I did not go to my interview. It wasn't laziness or the fact that there's like almost zero chance we'll end up moving in Chicago, but rather that we both learned that, hey, guess what? "North Chicago" and the "north side of Chicago" are not the same place. And also? That it's too effing cold to get up to catch a 6:30 train to get to the interview 2 hours early because the next train wouldn't leave early enough to get me there on time.

So I didn't go. Instead, we went window shopping and building admiring and then came home, I watched while she made dinner (pork tenderloin with goat cheese mashed potatoes and steamed fresh green beans), we made cinnamon rolls from scratch (which required both of us to roll up and involved serious hemorrhaging of cinnamon butteriness. But holy hell are we good bakers!) and then we waited for the Chicago blog (Chicog? Blocago?) crew to show up.

And they did. Included in this group was The Alleged Lady, Law with Grace, The Namby Pamby, The Artful Blogger (who I did not mention when I initially posted this because I am a huge jerk. It should be noted that the Artful Blogger brought a HUGE 3 layer red velvet cake, which was superb and taught me a little about the history of DNA. And that I feel super bad for not listing him earlier) and several other of Daisy's good friends (including Melissa, who comments here and who is bloglessly awesome). If I had to guess, I'd say that about 8 bottles of wine were imbibed by the 8 of us, and the next morning Daisy asked me if she'd broken a wine glass (she had) because she couldn't quite remember. And I had/have a goose-egg the size of, well, a goose egg on the back of my head from slamming it into her wall. Both signs of a rocking good time.

Oh, and Grace? Totally called me a whore. (Did you hear that? That was the sound of a whole crap load of google searchers finding my blog with the newly introduced swear word. By the way, also, this no-swearing resolution is going crapfully awesome.)

Sunday morning, Daisy and I sat on the couch until noon, then we did more awesome window shopping (okay, we bought some chocolate, but otherwise no money flew out of our collectively barren wallets) and then had like the GREATEST LUNCH OF ALL TIME. Seriously. It was amazing.

And all too soon after getting back to Daisy's (and meeting BISMOW), I had to get to the airport. Where I had my bag searched because Daisy gave me "Bath Bombs" from Lush, which, when I was asked about them at airport security I called "Bath Balls" because puns involving bombs are just not really appreciated at the airport.

And now I'm home. And in case this update was boring, no worries. Because I have an entirely fresh rant coming tomorrow. That New Year's Resolution is also going swimmingly, obviously.

In short, Chicago rocked and I can't wait to (hopefully) go back in July. Where I will not be called a whore and not slam my head into a wall. But I might bring Bath Bombs Balls with me. Just to freak out airport security.


Grace said...

Dude!!! I SAID I was sorry!

It was very lovely meeting you. I have an odd way of showing my affection!

Hope your head is ok!


The Namby Pamby said...

My brain hurt the next day. As did the rest of my body.

Of course, waking up at 7am still drunk is always a plus

The Artful Blogger said... everyone else got a shout out except for me...

I will blame the concussion (yeah, that's it) for the oversight.

Do you at least remember the HUGE cake I brought? Or the DNA trivia I provided?

Oh was very nice meeting you. I am glad that you survived both the concussion and the trip home, and I hope that you find your way back to Chicago soon.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

But if we shant be calling you a whore, you shall we be shanking?

(note to self: stop saying shank by July when you come back)

Josie said...

I've done the blogger meet up and have to say its awesome!!
Glad you had so much fun and that your cat came home.

Must of been the week end for goose eggs, as my girlfriend & I were laughing so hard Sat nightwe head butted each other by accident.

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Best. Visit. Ever.

Come back soon please?

If not, I'm showing up on your doorstep in New Orleans and demand you bake for me.

Meg said...

Ok, I'm finally delurking in order to say that I'm glad you liked Chicago! Sounds like such a fun group of friends, and you totally deserved the mini-vacation that did not involve things getting stolen from you. Seriously.

(Ok, to try and make me seem like less of a stalker, which probably won't be successful, I've been reading your blog since stumbling onto your twitter updates during hurricane season last year. I only recently started my own blog though after friends told me that people may like me. Who can believe friends though?)