Tales of a Traveling Husband

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So as promised, I'm going to not talk about the clusterfuck that is trying to set up my Spring schedule tell you about how Slappy came to get a brand spanking new suit yesterday.  An alternate title might be, Katie and Slappy switch lives for a day, because seriously, this is SO something that would happen to me.

So Slappy has been on his residency interview adventure since right after Thanksgiving and is approximately half-way finished, thankfully.  He has seen multiple schools in California, then on Sunday trekked to Arizona, and then Monday to New Mexico.  When he got to New Mexico Monday evening, he turned his suit and shirts and ties into the hotel's same day dry cleaning service to have them pressed.  He didn't need them until Wednesday (today), but he turned them in early, just in case.  

You see where this is going, right?

So yesterday afternoon (Tuesday), he calls to find out when they'll be ready, and the hotel says they don't know.  And Slappy is very perplexed by this since it is SAME DAY cleaning.  But he waits and calls back later.  Come to find out, the cleaners is closed and he can't get his clothes until they open at like 10 Wednesday morning.  Which would be fine, were his interview not earlier than that on Wednesday morning and kind of non-negotiable.

Slappy strapped on a serious pair and went to the hotel manager and made A LOT of noise.  They agreed to pay for a new shirt, tie and pair of pants, but Slappy refused.  He was interviewing and he needed a suit (and he really did).  So the hotel bought him a suit (including shirt and tie).  And comped him a night in the hotel.  And his dry cleaning bill.  And kissed his feet.

He actually ended up thoroughly enjoying his interview today, but I believe think that perhaps this will be the last time he ever uses a same day dry cleaner again.  Or at least without some sort of ransom.  

You know, like the owner's first born child.


Lipstick Jungle said...

Way to go Slappy! Now if only that worked for fine handbags and shoes!

Diana893 said...

Haha freaking awesome! I wish I had that kind of nerve, though maybe in that situation I would grow a pair. I was all proud of myself for butting in the front of the line at Macy's when they forgot to take off a freaking security tag on my coat the day before. Yeah... Slappy owns me. Hope it's all going well for him! And your cluster fuck/snafu/whatever other fun word is cleared up soon!

Flea said...

Suh-weet! Seriously, take Slappy with you to doctor visits from now on!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job, Slappy. Why is it though when someone has made a mistake they just can't fix it until you get all postal on them? BTW, how'd the interview go?