Moments before my head exploded...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh. My. God.

To tell this story, I have to backtrack some.  So just bear with me a minute.  And by a minute, I mean 4 hours, because this is possibly the longest rant on record.

Prior to this semester (fall 2008) I have been taking classes at University of New Orleans.  I have found them to be easy to work with, and generally speaking, very reasonable.  However, they do not offer all the courses I need at times I can make, so I have had to enroll in another local college, which, for the sake of anonymity, we'll call College #2.  

So early in November I had to go register for College #2 in person because I need to take courses that have prerequisites, ones which I took previously through UNO, and therefore which require an override.  I was able to fit in all but one class, that apparently, no college in the universe offers at a time I can attend.  I decided to just stick with it, despite the missing class.

And then I got an email from a grad school program this weekend indicating that if I did not take this ONE UNIT lab, I would not be considered for the program.  [insert exasperated expression here].  

So I found a way to circumnavigate the problem with a different lab that's not perfect but which works for what I need (I ran it by the grad school).   If I dropped my chem 2 lab and took this new physics lab, I could re-enroll in a different section of the chem 2 lab and make it all work.  In case you wondered, it's nearly impossible to take a class and 5 labs, all at one time if you work from 7 to 3:45.  But the heavens opened up and sang a hymn of wonderfulness and I found a way to make it work.  Which should've been my first clue that this shit was not going to fly at all.

So I got the prerequisite overrides from the academic counselor with no trouble and headed off with my registration paper for the registrar.  Clearly, everything was going too well.  

The registrar comes out from her cubicle and asks me how I'm taking both Chem 1 lab and Chem 2 lab.  I explained that it was because I have taken Chem 1 lecture and Chem 2 lecture already, and all I need are the labs.  Wrong.  The correct answer is apparently that I'm not taking both labs. 

She explains that I cannot take both labs because the Chem 1 lab is a prerequisite for the Chem 2 lab.  

And then my head exploded.  

Because UNO did not require me to take the Chem 1 lab with the Chem 1 class (and did not offer it at any time I could go), I now cannot take the Chem 2 lab.  Even though I've already taken Chem 2.  And let's pause and take a moment to remember that I was ALREADY ENROLLED IN THE CLASS, I'm just switching sections.  This plea fell on entirely deaf ears.

I totally get the reasoning behind the prerequisite, but seriously, I got an A in both Chem classes, I have the knowledge base, I'm not going to suffer in the Chem 2 lab for taking it concurrently with the Chem 1 lab and even if I do, isn't that MY problem?  No, apparently it's not.

So now I have to appeal to the Dean to get the whole thing sorted out and his word is final.  Period.  Which means I may or may not be totally screwed.  Because if he will not allow me to take this lab, I cannot reasonably get into a single one of the grad programs I applied to.  Which means I just wasted no less than 2 grand on applications and well, go back and read the post this weekend where I discussed the calamitous crashing down of all my well made plans.  Because that's what will happen.

I hate today.  And I preemptively hate tomorrow, since I have a final exam that I'll never ever be prepared for.  Even if I did care about it, which, in case you wondered, I DON'T.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy .... as a former grad student and a future nurse who's working full-time and taking pre-reqs 4 NIGHTS.A.WEEK, I know aaaallll about the intricacies of this bullshit. Believe you me, my "life plan" has changed more times than I would like to admit because the world of pre-reqs is THE FUCKING DEVIL! *sigh*

All I can say is that I hope it works out. Maybe you can ask your husband for that one magical "go card" that all married people get to have one night of passion with any person they wish, without repercussions. And then you can blow the dean. See? Totally simple ... I just fixed that for you! Voila!

Lipstick Jungle said...

Christ All Mighty can you get a friggin break?

You get the one problem that is holding you back fixed to find another? Why didn't they tell you this back when the other unit was holding you back? Clearly there were two issues and not one - and now you have spent the better part of half of a week and way too much money busting your ass to get the other problem fixed.

Not that you need me to tell you what you know...

Talk about kicking you back down!

Hon, I hope it works out SOMEHOW!!!

Anonymous said...

one word: co-requisite.

PLEASE use this to plea your case with the dean/registrar. College #2 just doesn't make sense. Good luck!

The Floydster said...

H.O.L.Y. S.H.I.T. When will you EVER catch a frickin' break?

Daisy, Just Daisy said...


Anonymous said...

The person you spoke to who gave you the whole prerequisite bs story - I bet she was trained in the same place as all the tech support people. You know the sort. Can't think outside the box. Fall apart with an unfamiliar situation.

By the way, do you have the NY plans all settled? Turns out we're going away for an over-night trip that may overlap your time here so I was curious.