Lost no more

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just checked my credit card balance, at the suggestion of my husband, since all my cards have been cancelled.

Not one, but TWO charges were made on the day my wallet was stolen. Not from the gas station where I left my wallet (where I paid in cash), but from the one directly across the street TWO different gas stations across town (I made an incorrect conclusion about which gas station because there was an Exxon across the street, but there are also apparently 180 of those in town, and um, this asswipe went to a different one.) Apparently the dickwad stole my wallet and then filled up not one but TWO different cars with gas using my credit card.

And better yet, both charges were made AFTER my credit card was cancelled and yet the charges went through. Hey credit card company, you kind of suck at this.

So yes, I left my wallet at a gas station, but some stain on the cloth of humanity took it, and used my credit card before I was able to cancel it (they're removing the charges, but that is SO beside the point). I'm not sure what I feel right now. I feel stupid for leaving my wallet and so disappointed that it wasn't returned. I didn't expect it, but I had hoped that someone might have found it and would send it to me.

Having something stolen from me again, so soon after the last time, just makes me feel very small and taken advantage of. I need to believe in people again, to believe that they are innately good.

But honestly, no one is giving me a reason to right now.


Lipstick Jungle said...

Can they trace time on the charge and find the culprit via video? I am sure it is a very long shot, but my motto is "you cant hear 'no' until you ask the question".

That sucks. I may have already said it, but it is worth a second shot of that just plain ol sucks!

I hope maybe the wallet will come back - most likely empty (seriously? right across the street? MAN!) - oh hell, there is no good way to put it, you are right!

Did you get your passport?

Overflowing Brain said...

Passport is in the mail. Will be here today or tomorrow. Hopefully.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this, had a wonderful new laptop with all my personal and business stuff on it, and my green card, passport etc stolen a few years ago.

Best idea I can come up with is to get some cheap wallets and stuff them full of dog shit, then leave them laying around and watch people pick them up and look in them or better yet take them and stuff them in their pockets right away.

Anonymous said...

wait...I thought you had to use a zip code to get gas? is that just here? or did they go inside and the person not even look?

Flea said...

head to englishtoffeeanytime.com and request a free pound of toffee. it will restore your hope in something, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey katie

- not sure if you've done this/if it's been mentioned, but a lot of times with giftcards, if the person who gave them to you still has the receipt (it should have the gift card # on it), you can often call the company and they will cancel it & reissue a new one for you... we had to do this with one that my dog ate once LOL

Might be worth a shot