Loose ends, again

Friday, December 5, 2008

So I realize that my blogging has been a little ADHD lately.  Like, a blog about my boob, a blog about my dad, a blog about my co-worker (tomorrow a blog about how to make an awesome pumpkin pie).  So I'm going to just try and tie everything up today because otherwise I will instead write an extremely long rant about how I want to quit life right now.  

My Mom:  Is okay.  So I never really got around to sharing this bit of good news.  I think part of it was fear of jinxing it.  Like if I told everyone the good news too soon the doctor might call back and tell us that she confused CT scans and my mom was totally screwed.  However, my mom's CT angiogram (of her carotid artery which showed up 50-69% blocked on an ultrasound) was completely clear.  I do not understand this medical anomaly, but I have been referring to it as our "Christmas miracle" since we got the results and I'm clinging to this bit of happiness so very tightly.

My Dad:  Is out of the hospital and home.  So far he hasn't eaten anything more than what he was able to hold down before, so we really don't know what removing his gallbladder did, if anything at all.  He's scared to eat (I would be too if I'd been vomiting daily for 3 months and then had abdominal surgery) and recovering from surgery, so his appetite is not great.  They're giving him another week before they go back to plan B, which is artificial nutrition.  He wants to avoid that so much that I'm rather sure he'd eat anything in the universe and suffer any number of repercussions first.

My Boob:  Is stitchless.  I had all but one stitch removed on Tuesday and the last one removed today.  However, the wound is not healing well (OMG it's May again) and we might have closed up one hole only to create a whole new one.  No, I don't really want to talk about it.  Hopefully when I go back on Tuesday it'll be magically healed the way it's fucking supposed to be.

My Foot:  Is unchanged.  The doctor said he thinks there's a 50% chance that my 5th metatarsal (not the original source of the pain...) has a stress fracture and we really need to do an MRI to be sure.  Which is fine, expect I'm still "booted" until then and if it is a stress fracture, as he said, it'll mean crutches and a cast for 6 weeks.  By the way, OMG it's 2005 again.  My life is one ridiculous circle of events.

My Head:  Is also unchanged.  Which is fine.  Status quo is acceptable.  I did have a day of miserable dizziness, but it has since normalized, so I'm calling it a fluke and ignoring it.

My School:  Is unresolved because apparently no one at college #2 can use a phone.  So I have to go in on Monday in person to see what happened.  Nothing I love better than wasting time I don't need to waste.  But also, it is over for the semester, which is amazing.  My final exam was not so good, but it's over and that counts for so very much.

My Grad School Application Process: Is sucking in ways I cannot even begin to verbalize.  Apparently, I just hurled 2000 dollars directly down a drain (not to mention the other 10 grand spent on these prerequisites over the past 2 years), because even if I manage to arrange my schedule to please the first program who contacted me about prerequisites, I cannot fix the problems that the now second program has pointed out.  In a word, I'm totally and completely screwed.  And really, really, really, really pissed off.  And upset.  Because I've worked so damn hard and I'm going to have absolutely nothing to show for it.  NOTHING.

My Coworker: A few people commented and emailed about "Mary" and I just wanted to follow up.  We are raising money at school, but not for a computer.  The school is working to find a way to find her better living arrangements.  We can't give her money because then she'll lose some of the insurance aid for the nursing home (or that's how I understand it, there's some issue with giving her cash, besides that I bet she wouldn't take it), but we can supply her with other things.  I know she's also getting gift cards to buy her son Christmas presents, etc.  We're doing all we can, but I would love so very much to give her a computer (two, maybe 3 of them) because I just see how it could make such a positive change for her.  

As for the Paypal button, we'll see.  I'm so afraid I'd screw it up somehow and that scares me.  What if I lose all your money?  Gah.  But I really appreciate the offer for donations for her.  If more people are interested let me know (in the comments) and I'll decide whether or not to do it based on that.

My Donation: Is completed.  I was able to donate 4 dollars per comment to St. Judes for a grand total of $124 dollars.  The last four is for me.  I was originally only going to be able to give them 90, but I got my first check from the proceeds of blogging and decided that all of that should go to something bigger, so it did.  I was also contacted today by another blogger who is going to match the donation I made.  More details on that later (read: after I check and make sure it's okay to reveal who it is to everyone).  I am so very pleased with this and appreciate you all being a part of it.

My Weekend: Is free.  Except for 10,000 papers to grade and apparently 4000 classes to schedule/rearrange.  Only I'm sure I can't actually schedule any of them because that would be, you know, IDEAL.