Monday, December 8, 2008

I got such good news today that I'm hesitant to share it because I'm truly afraid I might wake up from this dream to a depressing reality.  But since I've never learned from all the times I've jinxed myself, I'm going to tell anyway.  

On Friday, I got an email from an extremely prestigious university letting me know that I was a course short of what I needed for my application.  I searched high and low at UNO and College #2, but could not take the course.  I replied to their email Friday afternoon letting them know that I simply couldn't take the course, but that I was willing to do anything to fix the problem and fulfill the prerequisite (like seriously, about anything.  First born child?  YOURS.  A.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.)

And then I heard nothing from them all weekend.

On Saturday I got my first official interview for a local (good and tough to get into) program.  It came as a surprise and it was in a super-thin envelope that I almost didn't open.  Dear Grad Schools: put good news in BIG envelopes.  After a short celebration over my interview, I had resigned myself to the fact that this would be my one and only interview.  Because I'm an eternal optimist like that.

And that's why I was caught so completely off-guard by the email I received today.  

The extremely prestigious university found an online course I could take to fulfill the requirement, referred to me as a "strong applicant" and explained that many of the people who take this particular course this course are admitted to their program.  

Let that sink in for a moment.

Strong applicant.  Good chance of admission to program.  Extremely prestigious university.

And, better yet, if I can use this online class and apply it for all my applications, I can drop my planned Saturday class and lab, and take only 1 class and 4 labs instead of 2 classes and 5 labs.  It would be, in a word, AWESOME.

I am afraid to check my email again.  I'm afraid they're going to email me back and tell me that they meant to send that to someone else and that I am, as I thought, going to have to withdraw my application.  Or that I can take that class, but really, it might not be worth my time.  That the words "strong applicant" will be replaced with some vague description about my academic shortcomings

And yet, every time I reopen my mail account, the email is still there.  

I can hardly believe it.  I'm speechless.


Anonymous said...

Hey, congrats! :)

I'm picturing us all wearing "Prestigious University" sweatshirts, and when people ask, saying "my friend Katie goes there!"

Whaddya think?

Anna in IL

Overflowing Brain said...


I'll buy everyone sweatshirts if I get in.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! It's about time you got some good news. Yay!!!

Gabi said...

WAHOOO!!!! Congrats hon!!

The Floydster said...

I'm with Carolyn - it IS about time you got some wonderful news! Congratulations!

P.S. My sweatshirt size is L or XL. ;)

Anonymous said...

WOOOHOOO about time you got some good news! just please tell me it's NOT notre dame! ;)

Overflowing Brain said...

Not Notre Dame.

In fact, I don't think they have this particular grad program there.

anita said...


Ness said...

Sometimes good things happen when we can see no reason how they can.

Christmas came early for you, dear Katie!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

sign up. take the course and get into that program!! You deserve it!!

CoastingThroughTheSouth said...

congrats. grad school was the best time of my life. you'll love it.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad to hear it. The hard work has paid off!

Becs said...

After having so much, um, doo doo piled on your head, of course it's hard to believe good news. It's about time! Hang in there!

Carleen said...

Congratulations! Grad school is, IMHO, the best time in higher education. Enjoy!

Flea said...

SUH-WEET!!! Congratulations! And I want my sweatshirt to be pink.

Lipstick Jungle said...


I would like 4 - I will advertise on the kids and husband too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's about time something went your way! Congratulations and celebrate BIG when Slappy returns. Christmas egg nog for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Would it separate you and Slappy?