A Cacophony of Silence

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I had a revelation after my husband returned home from his month in California: he is loud.  

He's not necessarily loud in an offensive way (not that he's not capable of that too, trust me internets, he is), but more just loud in a, has-to-fill-any-gaps-of-silence-with-noise kind of way.  Like a 4 year old who asks "Why?" 10 thousand times.  

He sings all the time.  Not necessarily popular music or known songs as much as life narration.  One of his greatest hits is the "I'm shampooing my hair" song, which basically includes that line and one other one about "getting oh-so clean."  I have to remind him many mornings that perhaps our housemate whose bedroom shares a wall with our shower does not give a crap about the cleanliness of his hair at 6 in the morning.  And also, did you notice that it's morning and NO SINGING IS ALLOWED?  

He's also been known to sing about organizing a folder, looking for socks and basically every single thing he might be doing at any given time.  These songs don't usually rhyme, but he is not perturbed by this.  

At first this narration singing was a great enigma to me, because he won't sing in front of other people at all, but when it's just us, he's like a frickin' jukebox.  And then I was wandering around his parents house for Thanksgiving a few years ago when I heard a familiar melody, but with the words "I'm chopping the onion" instead of "I'm shampooing my hair."  This is apparently the only genetic trait he shares with his mother.  

(And also, I saw this episode of South Park and laughed endlessly, because, hello, this is practically the soundtrack to my life.)

After being alone for a month, his noisiness was surprising, but welcome.  And as much as I have been ragging on him, his bubbly, singing personality is one of the things I love the most (except, you know, in the morning).  And now that he's gone again (on the residency interview-pallooza which includes 12 interviews in 4 states in 18 days.  Seriously, someone give them man a trophy.  And a job.) I'm realizing just how much I miss the noise.  There's no one here singing about their day or asking me the same question 30 times because I didn't answer the first 29 times and apparently attempt 30 seemed luckier.  There's no one sharing their thoughts and humming about their plans.  

There's silence.

I come home to a quiet house and an empty bed.  I come home to a place without singing, to a room without a ball of energy and noise awaiting my arrival.  

I come home to a place, that in its deafening silence, doesn't really feel like home at all.


Lipstick Jungle said...

See this is why he needs to find a job somewhere with an excellent school that you can attend whilst he resides, and all will be good in the world. Because of course in my little bubble of your imaginary dream world, you are also no longer in pain, have no boob stitches, and have a dad who has fully recovered from whatever ailed him that wasn't serious and is now all better.

Its a pretty place this bubble world. I have a whole bunch of them in my brain. Just ask. I can make it warm and tropical for you also!

Overflowing Brain said...

To answer your subtle request for more information (I'm horrible at following up, by the way), I now am void of all but one boob stitch (gah), my dad is home (yay) and we're waiting on info from the doctor about the biopsies (quadruple gah).

Sometimes I forget that people are actually reading here regularly, and like, you know, want to know that kind of stuff. :)

Flea said...

Thanks for answering Just Lori's questions. :)

Have either of you considered Tulsa? We have only about a BAZILLION hospitals here (I haven't yet figured out why we need so many) and they seem to be good places to work. The one I work for is a stellar system. And TU has a great reputation, as do OU and OSU, not too horribly far away. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

OMG, you've got to love a man who can go through his day singing. I know it wouldn't be the same, but perhaps before his next absence, he would be willing to make a recording for you?

just me said...

seriously my husband does the same singing thing. His latest was the "cutting up cardboard song" while we were, you guessed it, cutting up cardboard. That was this weekend and he is still singing it to make me insane.