The Bright Side The Full Story

Saturday, December 27, 2008

So I obviously didn't tell the entire story of the wallet, mostly because it's my fault. And I REALLY hate that it's my fault. But it is 100% my fault. Except for the part where the person decided to take my wallet. That jack assery was not mine.

Slappy and I were headed from where my family lives to Los Angeles, which is a 2 hour car ride. We had to take 2 cars because we had borrowed his mom's car to get there and we are using my mom's car while we are here (it's a long story, just nod, agree and don't try to figure it out). We noticed that his mom's car tire was a little low, so I had Slappy pull over to the air/water pump to fill it up (also, ignore the fact that I am the only one capable of putting air in tires. Slappy wanted to drive for 2 hours on a low tire and have his dad deal with it in Los Angeles. Seriously).

I parked my mom's car and walked, wallet in hand, to the air/water machine where Slappy was looking helpless parked. I had a boat-load of quarters in my wallet and I assumed we'd need them (in fact, I had JUST commented on how much change I had in my wallet). Surprisingly, the air and water were free, so I set my wallet down on the air/water dispenser and then started inflating the tire.

And then I finished inflating the tire and walked back to my car. I did not notice for about 20 minutes until I went to grab my purse and realized how empty it was. I then pulled over (as did Slappy who was behind me), and milled through my car for a solid 5 minutes. No wallet.

I immediately called the gas station, where the attendant went out and looked. No wallet.

I called my dad, and he and his wife scoured the area. No wallet.

My mom went next, even looking in trash cans to see if someone had tossed it after taking my Christmas bonus and gift cards. No wallet.

So yes, the wallet leaving was my fault, but seriously? What kind of person takes a wallet? WHO DOES THIS AND WHY DO THEY ALWAYS LIVE NEAR ME? Seriously. I realize I left my wallet, but if I found a wallet, I would take it into the gas station. I would try to find the person. I would do something, ANYTHING, besides fucking steal it.

It's just not right at all. It makes me ashamed of where I live, of the human race because this is the second time in just over 6 months that someone has felt that it was acceptable to TAKE MY POSSESSIONS. It doesn't matter if I leave them somewhere. It doesn't matter if I open the trunk to a rental car. It is UNACCEPTABLE to steal things. It's a fucking commandment for crying out loud.

My mother keeps telling me to look on the bright side. And believe me, I'm trying. I believe the last time she told me to look on the bright side I told her that I'd give her a call when I figured out the bright side of HAVING MY WALLET STOLEN. I'm sorry, there isn't one.

Sure, there's a lesson- don't leave your wallet in public places. But it's not as if I make a habit of it, or do it for shits and giggles. I made a mistake and now I've had to cancel all my credit and debit cards, I have to have my passport overnighted to me so I can reboard a plane next week and I have to get a new social security card, a mere few months before I have to get a new one for my new last name. I didn't ask for it, I didn't want it. In fact, I rather liked my wallet and ALL ITS FUCKING CONTENTS.

So yea, I'm going to continue to look for the bright side. 29 hours and I still haven't found it yet. I'm not holding out hope.

(As the shit topping to my crap sundae, I also found out yesterday that my favorite high school teacher died recently. He leaves behind a wife and 10 year old son. So in case you're wondering if I needed a dose of perspective, God was nice enough to drop that in my lap last night. I'm clear on the lack of severity of my situation and devastated for his family and his students.)


Becs said...

It's not your fault. There are parts of the country and parts of the world where you could leave your wallet for days and it would be undisturbed.

However, having lived in Jersey for nearly twenty years, I can tell you chances are excellent that one of the gas station attendants took it. No way he's even going to say that it was found but with no cash in it.

I'm sorry this happened to you, especially on the holidays when we hope (futilely?) that people will act more decently.

Lipstick Jungle said...
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Lipstick Jungle said...

That sucks. And humanity, for as much as we wish was still alive, when it comes to money especially, is not living anywhere I live either (except in my house!).

Hopefully Kharma will bite that person in the ass really hard.

Sorry it ruined your trip!