And now we're square. Thanks universe.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

So clearly things had been going well too well in my life. I mean really. I have 2 interviews for grad school and have been accepted to the best program in the country (a fact which I am going to repeat indefinitely, in case you wondered) and my headaches have almost disappeared (no, I'm not talking about it, I do not need to tempt fate on that AT ALL). How could I not see karma balancing itself out?

As I type, I have a 101 degree fever from what is the fastest moving UTI/possible kidney infection of all time (men, you can stop reading now). I went to bed last night feeling fine and woke up at 6:30 this morning and bam! UTI. It was like the worst miracle ever.

I've you've never had one, just imagine the sensation of peeing battery acid. Or volcanic lava. Or volcanic lava laced with battery acid. That's pretty much what it feels like.

It's awesome.

What really seems unfair to me is that when you have a UTI, not only do you have the pain when peeing. No no, that's not enough. You ALSO have to pee more often. What the hell? I mean really. If it hurts, you should have to go less. It's just not right.

And maybe this is just me, but it also hurts all the time I'm standing. Like standing up does something that jams 8000 needles into my bladder and makes me want to die. No, I'm not prone to dramatics, thankyouverymuch.

I called my doctor to get antibiotics and she's giving me 3 days of Bactrim, which is a standard course for someone with a first time, or at least very infrequent UTI(s). For someone who has had 8 trillion UTIs, many many of which have morphed into kidney infection some of which some have morphed into antibiotic resistant kidney infections, this is not sufficient. Like it's 7 days short of even being close to sufficient.

I tried, very politely, to explain this to the doctor and was met with resistance because I guess she's never actually seen me for a UTI. She's only been my doctor for a year, but when I went to see her about it she referred me to a urologist who dealt with the neverending string of UTIs. And um, maybe ordered a cystoscopy that I never scheduled because that. is. an. EXIT. only.

Anyways, apparently I haven't had a UTI in a whole year now (holy crap) so I didn't think I could call up the urologist as easily as I could call up my pcp to get antibiotics. Which I'm now thinking was not true at all.

Anyways, she called in 3 days worth and said if it wasn't better I could call back and get 3 more days then. Because clearly that's easier than calling in the 10 day prescription now. CLEARLY. And 3 days from now will be Saturday, in case anyone is counting. And I'm leaving for California Monday, so that should work out just frickin' swell.

Excuse me while I drown myself in cranberry juice. And then go scream at the pharmacist because how does it take FIVE hours to put 6 pills in a container? SERIOUSLY.


Lipstick Jungle said...

I had a raging double kidney infection in November - I felt your pain!! So very sorry!

I have chronic kidney stones and while it is different situation my urologist recommended 4-6 glasses of lemonade a day. It is supposed to keep the KUB moving without acid build up. I dont know if it is true or not, but I have gone 4 months without (wheres the wood) a major stone outbreak (I had a small batch that passed on their own - usually I have to have them removed).

I dont know if it will help, but thought I would mention it.

I am glad that that thing you arent speaking of is getting better! I hope this passes quickly!

Flea said...

And a merry Christmas to you! Dang, woman. I'll whisper here, but *I'm so glad your headaches are disappearing*.

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking here for a couple weeks (found you from Bossy's blog), and I just wanted to comment and say - I feel your pain on the UTI, and especially on the doctor not giving you enough antibiotics! I've had UTIs since I was a kid, and I know when I have one, but a couple of infections ago I actually had to pay to go see the doctor and wait FOREVER for him to say, "Hey, you have a UTI." DUH! That's what I told you!

Anyway, good luck! I'm thinking good thoughts about you today, because I've been there, done that.

Anonymous said...

I can't answer you about the amount of time at the pharmacy. I usually get Zithromax for any infections I have and they are already prepackaged. All they have to do is grab the package off the shelf. That is a 1 hour process, apparently.

Hope you feel better soon.