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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Seriously, what is WRONG with me?

So today was my appointment with the orthopedist. If I wanted to be positive I'd tell you that he makes my (fired) neurologist seem like a freaking rocket scientist. If I wanted to be honest, I'd say he was the worst doctor I'd ever encountered. EVER. And friends, I've been to A LOT of doctors.

After a 45 minute wait (which was tolerable, that happens), he walks in and goes, "well, you don't look injured."

I probably should've left then. But I didn't.

He asked me what was wrong, and then only allowed me to get about 4 words out about the pain before he said, "well, if you didn't do anything, then I seriously doubt anything is wrong with it."


I then tried to explain about the 3 previous stress fractures, but was once again cut-off mid-sentence to be told that stress fractures don't show up on x-rays. Which is and is not true. Some do, if they've had a chance to start healing, but yes, I realize this, that doesn't mean that I shouldn't go to a doctor, does it? Because I was really there more for the fact that my foot fucking hurts, is swollen, is bruised and did I mention HURTS? I thought it was better to have that sort of thing checked out before 2 more bones combusted like last time and I end up spending 10 months in a mix of plastic and fiberglass. But clearly I was mistaken.

Then he said, "well, let's go ahead an x-ray it."

What? So, it's not going to show up on the x-ray, but let's x-ray it anyways? Riiiiiiight.

So we did. And then the nurse brought me back to the room and told me I could put my shoe back on. So just in case you missed that, the doctor never ever saw my foot. Didn't look at it, didn't touch it, didn't move it around or do anything to it. He spoke with me, and then sent me to have it x-rayed.

Never. saw. my. foot. Never saw that which was injured. The incompetence is just freaking unreal.

The doctor re-entered the room and explained that the x-ray was negative, so everything is "perfectly fine." He said to not take any anti-inflammatories (no Advil, no Aleve) and to soak my foot in warm water, which is possibly the most ass backwards advice I've ever heard. I told my physical therapist about that and she was flabbergasted because you know, anti- inflammatories have a tendency to UN-INFLAME things, but then again, he didn't know it was inflamed, because the x-ray was clear, which absolved him of all duty to investigate it further.

And then he told me to give it 2 weeks. If it still hurts in 2 weeks, he said he'd schedule a bone scan (which is better for catching stress fractures).

And then I was dismissed, but not before being made fun of for leaving through the wrong door. Because mocking me is totally an acceptable medical practice.

It's like every time I think I've had the worst doctor's experience ever, it just gets worse.

I'm just wondering, in your uneducated medical opinion, does my right foot look "perfectly normal" to you? (especially when you remember that there has been NO trauma?)

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I didn't think so either. Second opinion is scheduled with THE foot doctor in town on Tuesday.

Seriously, it's like I call a medical practice, they hear my name and assign me the most incompetent person in the room practice zip code and somehow, I still continue to think that it won't get worse.

I'm not even going to consider whether it can be worse than this because I really don't even need to tempt fate. That bitch clearly hates me enough as is.


Anonymous said...

Wow, as someone who's "fired" two neurologists for practicing in the same manner as your last doctor, all I can say is, WAY TO GO! What an idiot. I think that I'd write him a nice letter stating exactly why you won't be paying any co-payment (if there is one) as well as sending him your diagnosis when you get one.

Perhaps there's a website for how to become a empathetic doctor you can add.

So sorry and here's hoping the new doctor has some brains.



Anonymous said...

You don't have to take this kind of crap treatment. Most clinics have a clinic manager or such person and a written complaint asking for a response to such shoddy treatment is in order. I would say he deserves a swift kick, but I didn't want you to hurt yourself more. Glad you're going to someone else. Why do people like this become doctors in the first place??!

Gabi said...

I can relate to idiot doctors...we've seen a few of them over the last few weeks too! You are planning to have SOMEONE ELSE look at your foot I hope!!