Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update: My dad is out of surgery.  They said his gallbladder was distended, but everything else looked okay.  They took some biopsies of things and we'll have more information later this week.  Thanks to all for the thoughts and prayers, they truly carried me through the day.

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Instead of boring you with today's grad school/class switching calamities (which trust me, I could, for hours and hours and hours), I want to switch gears dramatically and ask once more for your encouragement, good thoughts and prayers.

My dad's colonoscopy came back wonderfully clear on Wednesday, however, he is still having surgery tomorrow.  The plan is to remove his gallbladder and then do some significant looking around to make sure there's not anything else going on.  His doctor is unsure about whether the gallbladder is the real cause of his problems since they've been so dramatic and since the earlier tests indicated that his gallbladder was fine.  I guess there's some questioning now about whether the non-functioning gallbladder is a cause or an effect of these problems.  

As of today when he was weighed at his pre-op appointment, he's lost a total of 35 pounds (off his 175-180 pound frame) since the last week of August and if the surgery doesn't make a big difference in his ability to hold down food he'll have to receive artificial nutrition, which he's VERY against at this point.  

So if you could spend a few minutes tonight (Sunday) or tomorrow (Monday) thinking good thoughts for my Dad, for this surgery and for his ability to heal quickly, I would greatly appreciate it.  

I'll update when I know more and have access to a non-school computer.


The Floydster said...

I'll be praying for both you and your dad in the hours ahead.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a successful treatment...

Anna in IL

Lipstick Jungle said...

Thank God for no findings! I will pray hard that the gall bladder removal goes well, and solves the other problems!

Gabi said...

Prayers said for your dad hon!