The last political post...for now

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm already feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of NaBloPoMo. But I'm not a quitter, so I will press on. With my last political post for a good while.

Someone in the (very interesting and mostly polite) comments of the last post asked who I would be voting for tomorrow. I'm sure my answer comes as no great surprise, so I'll tell you who and why.

Tomorrow afternoon I will cast a vote for Barack Obama. In a lot of ways I am incredibly excited for this election. The last presidential election felt depressing. I voted for John Kerry because I disliked him less than Bush. This time, I'm voting for Obama because I believe in him, because I agree with him on a great number of issues and because I think he's the best person for the job.

Here's why:

1) I am a middle-class teacher. Education and taxes are high on my mind and in my opinion, his handling of both of these is better. His tax plan prevents me from paying more money and taxes primarily the wealthiest. And perhaps this sounds greedy of me, but I feel that the wealthiest SHOULD be taxed the most. I don't think that the people who have billions of dollars got those billions of dollars by being a harder worker than I did. I think many did it by inheritance, luck and I'm sure many because of great intelligence. However, I've worked as hard as I can and I am barely above the poverty line. I'm sorry, but I don't think the wealthy need a tax break.

2) I am married to an almost doctor and have a crazy large number of health problems. Neither candidate's health program is without flaws, however, Obama's makes sense to me. I LIKE socialization of medicine. I think it makes sense. I also think that I shouldn't be taxed more for having private insurance if I choose to and moreover, I think that people should have to insure their children and the government should have a role in making that happen, both by providing insurance and by offering incentives for it and ramifications against those who don't do it.

3) I want religion out of my government. I don't believe that Barack Obama is without religion, however, I don't think he's going to force this country in a direction I don't want it to go. We can argue Separation of Church and State until we're blue in the face, my BA is in Constitutional History, believe me, I know my shit. Our forefathers may have been Christian, but the freedom of religion includes the freedom from it, and in that way, Athiests and Agnostics deserve the right to live in a country where Christianity or any other organized religion does not dictate laws. And I am a Christian, but it's my right to choose that. My husband is Jewish, he deserves to not have to live within a Christian country. He is an American, but that doesn't mean he has to be Christian, and there's a big difference.

4) I am pro-choice. Do NOT call me pro-abortion. Pro-abortion is negative campaigning, it's a smear tactic. It makes me sound like I want to kill babies, which is untrue and unfair. I will never, unless there is a serious medical reason (and I do not use the "dick finger" quotes (see The Daily Show with John Stewart for an explanation of that term)) have an abortion. However, I do not have the right to tell anyone else what to do with their body, and neither does the government. I cannot support a presidential candidate who tells me that if I am sexually assaulted again, and this time it ends in pregnancy, that I must carry that child to term, no matter what. I cannot elect a president that believes that if a child is impregnated by her father, or brother of another family member, in an abusive or unabusive way, that she has to carry a child to term. This is something that I believe strongly in and not something I will step back on. You can argue about the sanctity of life all you want, but no matter how you look at it, we're all hypocrites. Conservatives are pro-life but pro-death penalty. Liberals are pro-choice but anti-death penalty. Neither of us are protecting life, so it's unfair for anyone to get on a moral high horse about this. And outlawing abortion won't stop it. It'll make it less safe, more costly for aftercare for women who are seriously injured by it and it will raise another level of impoverished families.

5) I do not believe that Sarah Palin is qualified to run this country. I actually do not mind John McCain much, or at least I didn't. Recently in watching his campaign, I've become disenchanted with his actions and ideals, and his selection of Sarah Palin as a vice-presidential candidate is one such action. She is a conservative vagina. If she were/was a man, she'd never have been chosen as the VP candidate, and to me, that's degrading to women. I'm not going to choose the Republican ticket because it has an extra X chromosome. She is not competent to run this country. All the constant reminders of her "executive experience" are ridiculous. She runs ALASKA. Even the major newspapers of Alaska aren't endorsing her for president. Is it me, or does that say something? I'm certain it can be construed as an unfair double standard, but I think that she should be spending time with her 6 month old handicapped child instead of playing up his disability for votes. And I promise you that if Barack Obama had a 6 month old son with Down Syndrome, I'd be saying the exact same thing. Now is not an appropriate time for her to not care for her family. Her daughter is unmarried and pregnant and her son is entering a world where he will have to fight to survive. I'm sorry, I think she's selfish and I don't want her running this country. And I don't trust John McCain's health to hold for 4 years. I don't think Joe Biden is perfect, but I think he's experienced and competent.

And that's mostly it. I'm sure I could get more nit picky, but you get the general idea. I am a democrat, but I vote on my own belief system and not on party lines. I am voting for Barack Obama tomorrow because I believe that his is the candidate who will bring this country to the place it needs to be. To the place it was meant to be. I think he is a leader who can get us back on our feet and moving forward again.

I hope you'll vote with me, but more than anything, I just hope you'll vote. And if my hope is not enough, I think Starbucks is giving out free coffee to anyone who votes, so there's another great reason.

Your turn. Who are you voting for and why? Or if you don't want to answer that, why am I a lunatic for voting for Obama?


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Anonymous said...

i love your no-nonsense way of writing for these political posts. concise, no bullshit, no apologies. thank you for putting this out there.

who am i voting for? obama. for many of the same reasons. (actually, i think all of the same reasons.)

مارية said...

I voted for Obama (and Kerry) for pretty much the same reasons you did.(I used to "not mind" McCain either, but now I can't stand him)

I understand that some people vote for McCain because they agree with his views and don't agree with Obama's. Fine, that's what voting is for. What KILLS me is the people who say they won't vote for Obama because they don't know what he stands for, that he's all talk and no substance. I think those people are lazy. He's written two long, GOOD books and his website is full of extremely detailed plans!

Sometimes I wonder what the real reason is they don't like him...

Becs said...

I'm going to vote for Obama. He has some kick-ass disability rights / reinforcing the ADA ideas going on. That's the main reason.

And a terrible but more practical thing is that I think both presidential candidates stand a good chance of not making it through his presidential term.

You put it far more eloquently, but should the worst happen, Sarah Palin is absolutely unqualified to run this nation.

Anonymous said...

Conservative vagina is being "nice"?

Janet and Josh said...

Besides Starbucks, Krispie Kream donuts is giving out a free donut if you vote, and Ben and Jerry's is giving a free scoop of ice cream between 5-8pm!

Anonymous said...

"conservative vagina"

HA! That's awesome.

I think you eloquently and thouroughly laid out your arguments, and I totally agree with you. Obama will be getting my vote today.

I think he's a strong leader with a true vision for America (not a vision for his rich cronies and the lobbiest who pay him). I believe that he can unite our country. I believe that he is a fair-minded man. I believe in him.

I've never been more excited about an election.

Becs said...

It's really wierd how someone else is using the same "Becs" name that I have been using for quite some time. Hmm...

Anyway, I am voting for McCain. I have many, many reasons and I have spent a lot of time during this election season expressing those. I do find thought that when I do express those thoughts on a post such as this, I end up getting personally attacked. I will say that I believe McCain would be a much better president for our country. I am conservative and pro-life and anti-death penalty. I do not think it is right for Obama to pass a bill legalizing partial birth abortions or making it possible for my tax dollars to fund abortions. McCain wants to return the abortion issue back to the states (so would still be pro-choice). Obama wants me to fund abortions even though it makes me sick. No question who is the better option for me.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it will surprise anyone who has read my comments that I am voting for McCain. I believe he will put the country first and has a lifetime record to show who he is and what he believes. Like him or not, he's not a mystery to anyone. I also believe in his tax cuts for everyone. The "wealthy" are the job creators, like it or not. Make it difficult for business to expand and create jobs and everyone loses. I don't believe in the redistribution of wealth. BTW, the top 1% pay 70% of the taxes. Just who is Obama and what has he done besides write 2 books about himself? What exactly makes him more qualified than Sarah Palin? He is an eloquent speaker and IMO, tells whomever he is talking to what they want to hear. I don't want to live in a socialist country. Have you heard his interview in S.F., CA about "bankrupting" the coal industry with taxes and fees? I'm all for protecting the environment, but this is not the way to do it by harming tens of thousands of people in this industry. Look at the people he has surrounded himself with...a scary group. I have a hard time with the abortion issue in general. I wish they didn't happen yet I can't imagine being in the situation of being pregnant by a rapist or similar and I can't make that decision for anyone else. I do admire Sarah Palin for being an advocate for children of special needs. I am blessed to have healthy children and can't imagine how difficult it may be. The biggest difference to me is that McCain represents hard work and achievement and I see Obama as redistributing what I have worked for to those who think they deserve it. I'd also be wary of gov't run healthcare...look at the countries that have it. Those that can afford it come to the U.S. for treatment instead of dealing with the system in their own countries. Thanks for the sounding board. I hope McCain wins, but we have to come together as a country regardless of the result.

Anonymous said...

Your post is concise and well-written. I'm voting for Obama as well, for all of the reasons you list and others, including McCain's incredibly jingoistic ideas on foreign policy. What truly upsets me about McCain, though, and makes this vote far more emotional than previous ones, is Palin and the campaign strategy that she's been a big part of. My big problem with her, however, is not her lack of qualifications, as shocking as the ignorance she's shown is. No, my problem is that she's been behaving like the most divisive, hateful demagogue to make a run for the White House since George Wallace. With her talk of "real Americans," her statement that she wouldn't consider abortion clinic bombers terrorists, though she doesn't mind flinging that designation at Barack Obama, her encouragement of overt racism at her rallies, as well as the ridiculous accusations of socialism and communism (considering that Obama only wants things "redistributed" to the extent that they were before Bush's tax cuts), she appears to be dedicated to bringing out the absolute worst in Americans, and John McCain should live out the rest of his days in shame for bringing her and her brand of demagoguerie on to the ticket.

Obama/Biden '08!

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden is qualified to run this nation? He has stated himself that he believes Obama to not be qualified or ready to be President. Check this you tube video out. People actually believe that if Obama is elected they no longer have to worry about paying mortgages or gas prices. I guess if he gets elected...all of our troubles are instantly gone. Wonder how many will still have "stars" in their eyes six months after he is elected?

Overflowing Brain said...

Anonymous (at the end)

I did not state that Joe Biden is the best man for the job and I'd like to think that part of the reason Obama chose him was because he was a critic and because he can bring the needed experience to the white house. Joe Biden fills in the gaps in Obama's experience. He's a solid vice presidential candidate, not perfect by any means, but experienced and trustworthy.

I watched the video and I highly doubt that the majority of informed Obama voters actually think that within 6 months all our troubles will be gone. A poll recently showed that 60% of Texans voting for McCain believed Obama to be Muslim. That one poll does not make me believe that all McCain supporters think Obama is Muslim because you can't simply apply one small groups misinformation to a large group of people.

I don't think things are going to be magically better, but I do think that within the first two years he'll have us on a better path than the one we're on or the one we'd be on with McCain or Palin as the captain.

As you were.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question Katie :)

I so wish I could vote today, I would be voting for Obama. I agree with your post 100% and have the exact same views on a lot of the issues. I'm really hoping the US is going to get to see some really beneficial changes in the next 4+ years.

Can't wait to see the results tonight.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was referring to the first "Bec" comment when I spoke of Biden being qualified to run our nation. Guess I should have clarified. Sorry I didn't.

Overflowing Brain said...

Sorry, I probably should've read more carefully as well.


the queen said...

I revoke my opinion!
I just read this:
"A state that allows a gay marriage affords to the partners of that marriage all Federal, State, Local, etc rights.

Those with Civil Unions do not get th ebenefits of any Federal protection (i.e. the spouses cannot file joint Federal tax forms, they cannot receive each others Social Security, they cannot sponsor a spouse from outside the US for a Green Card); this boils down to the following rough equation:

Gay Marriage = 1,400 + rights and protections
Civil Unions = less than 300 rights and protections "
If this is accurate, I revoke my previous opinion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I do wish you well and all of our nation. These are just opinions and thank God we have the right to voice them. Thank you for yours.

Jackietex said...

The number of Texans that thought Obama was a Muslim was 23% at the time the poll was taken, not 60% as you quoted.

Overflowing Brain said...


Upon researching, I stand corrected. The news story I saw, but did not research actively, stated the number to be 60%. I've done some searching tonight and you are correct, the number is 23%. I apologize.

I did not mean to infer anything by it, in fact, quite the opposite. My whole point was that I did not think that all Republicans or Texans believed Obama was a Muslim, but rather that one poll was insufficient evidence to make sweeping accusations. Perhaps it was poorly articulated on my part.

Talking politics is tricky, I appreciate you clarifying my error. My apologies again.