Disappointment Amidst Victory

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Okay, so perhaps I'm not 100% finished with politics, but I'll be brief.

As someone who has been discontented with the presidential administration for 8 years now, last night was a phenomenal night to be a democrat. To be an American really. I felt proud of the change we are pushing for and I sincerely hope that Barack Obama provides us with that change. Please do not assume I am so naive to think that it will happen overnight, because I'm not, and neither are most of us who voted for Obama, but I (we) believe that in time Obama will take us in the right direction.

Also speaking as someone who has been discontented with the presidential administration, I must say how incredibly disappointed I have been by the responses of some McCain supporters. I was extremely unhappy in 2000 and 2004 upon seeing the projected winner, but I never, ever responded the ways that I've seen last night and today.

Most newsworthy include all those at the McCain concession last night who booed when McCain spoke about Obama. I'm sorry, that's just absolutely classless. You don't have to be happy about your candidate losing, but for the love of God, grow up. I am embarrassed for all of them. What an example they're setting.

And less newsworthy but still evident in my life, were the comments by some of my students today, especially in reference to their parents' reactions. One mentioned that her father is joining the "KKK train" and another said that "if I wanted to be led by a black man, I'd move to Africa." I don't know how I can hope to educate a future of America when their parents, the greatest influence in their lives, are instilling hatred.

The Prop 8 results are also devastating to me. I don't have the right words to say how disappointed I am in the verdict. A constitutional amendment banning people from a right because of the gender of their partner? I just expected more. I think we've made a tragic mistake and I fear how long it will take to repair it. I am so hurt for all those who are deprived the rights I am entitled to because they are different. Because someone said they were wrong.

And last, my freaking foot is not okay. Is now bruised, swollen and more painful. Doctor's appointment tomorrow for 11:30. Here's to hoping for a resolution to at least that particular disappointment.


Lanny said...

There's idiots on both sides of the fence unfortunately. Many people cried foul in 2000 and again in 2004, and in 2008 there were the boo-ers when McCain conceded. I will give McCain credit for attempting to hush them though. Like I said though, there's idiots on both sides, I'm just glad I'm not one of the idiots. ;)

As far as the ignorant and bigoted comments, I feel sad for those people (and their parents who instilled such fouled thinking in them). They are wasting so much time hating that they are really missing out!

Overflowing Brain said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly Lanny.

I should've mentioned how glad I was to see John McCain discourage the booing. It was refreshing and classy.

student doctor said...

Hi! So I have been following your blog for a bit, but today I must out myself...
I have completely opposite view points on politics as you, but I completely respect your comments. Like you, I am a teacher. When you mentioned the comments of your students they reminded me of the comments mine have been making. However, my students are completely in love with Obama. Its disgusting to hear students making such comments as yours. To get my students to shut the -eff up, I told them they would get a detention for talking about the election or asking me how I voted...Then during the detention they would have to write an essay on why it is my right as an American to keep my vote a secret. I did acknowledge that history had been made with President-elect Obama. Then we moved on...
Hope the appt with the Dr. goes well! Thats crazy about your foot.

Anonymous said...

Very well said Katie. You have a way with words and are wise beyond your 25 years.

brneyedgal967 said...

I voted for McCain, but in the words of McCain, congratulate Obama. He will be my President.

Some Republicans who booed did show poor taste. This does not reflect on all Republicans.

I read one blog where a woman had the gall to call all Republicans racist. That those white people who voted for McCain were racist to vote for a white man and not for a black man and I was like WTF? This election was soooooo not about race and I thank Obama for not stooping low and not playing the race card. Sure, there are still some racial bigots out there (illustrated by the comments from some of your students) but I think it was completely unfair for her to characterize all Republicans as racist.

Anyway - glad the election is over. Time to get on with things.

Diana893 said...

I really should be asleep but I have to comment on this - everything you have said is SO unbelievably true. I am beyond disappointed in so many of the people I have or do go to school with - it's one thing to be upset by your candidate loosing, but absolutely unacceptable, tacky, classless, and a bunch of other words, to react in the ways that I have seen. I guess the one consolation is that your students can't vote, but their parents are brainwashing them nonetheless.

I was SO excited on Tuesday as I watched the results, and I don't hide the fact that I'm liberal and love Obama, but it was tainted because of others... from the comments saying "who taught those stupid (multiple adjective) people how to vote?" to those who claim they are leaving the country because he was elected (hey need some help packing?!), those that want to impeach him (which just goes to show a lack of intelligence), and my personal favorite, that Texas should secede and take McCain and Palin with them. I hate being in such an overwhelmingly conservative area, but was surprisingly pleased that that percentage difference in Texas was NOT that big... not like I'd expected based on what appeared to be a GOP convention of yard signs going on at the end of my street last week! :)

I would have loved to be on either coast last night, or of course Chicago even though I usually hate big crowds - the passion and excitement in Grant Park was phenomenal. I am PROUD to be an American today and will gladly use the cliche - I have HOPE!

Overflowing Brain said...

Tammy- I too am glad the election is over, and I hope you understand that I wasn't trying to implicate all Republicans in any of what I said. Just those that I've seen lately. I have respect for you and I really do understand how disappointing it is to lose a presidential election. I appreciate people like you who voted for McCain, but are taking his words of peace with you.

Diana- I agree entirely. New Orleans was an interesting experience this year and I was amazed at how purple Texas came up.

I haven't made any comments to any of those who said they are moving because I was that person in 2000 and 2004. I'm not proud of it, but I was, and I'm trying to pull back on my hypocrisy these days, since I see how ridiculous I was being now, even though I didn't then. But that's me.

And I too, have great hope.

Yes. we. did.

kim-d said...

Just goes to show...it's always something.

That is all. Over and out.