Dear Horribly Bad Uptown Driver,

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hi, remember me? I almost smashed into your car today around 3:30.


I'm sure you do. You ran the stop sign, but instead of fully running it, you ran half of it and then decided to then STOP in the middle of the busy street I was cruising down?


I was the one who screamed while on the phone and then had to use every single ounce of muscle and strength I had in my remarkably painfully hurt right foot to stop my car. The car that shook with anger over stopping suddenly because, hey, going from 40 to 0 in 15 feet is not a natural inertia-abiding process.


Remember when you DID NOT make any kind of apologetic face or indicate that HOLY SHIT YOU JUST RAN A STOP SIGN AND I CAME WITHIN ABOUT 4 INCHES OF PLOWING INTO YOU WITH MY HUSBAND'S CAR? But instead you shrugged your shoulders, looked both ways, while STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION and then pulled all the way out into traffic?


In case you don't, you'll be receiving a bill soon for the 10 years of my life I'd like back, as well as the half of my husband's brake pads that were ruined in that moment.

And also? My sanity. Remember that? Yea, me neither.

The Woman Who Almost Ran Into You (Twice actually, because after I avoided hitting you and you didn't make the apology face, I was so enraged I almost smashed into you on purpose).


مارية said...

Did you honk? That's a semi-acceptable alternative to smashing them on purpose. :-)

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! That couldn't have helped your headache any! Moron stupid driver!!!