Breaking Point

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today was not my favorite.

It began at 3 in the morning with intense abdominal pains. At first I thought it was the cheetos, or something I'd eaten, but these were apparently not productive abdominal cramps, just the kind meant to keep one up all damn night.

Around 4:30 I went back to bed. I got up at 6:30 with the very same discomfort and wallowed around for about an hour until I had to get ready for work. It was pure misery. I still don't know what it was, but holy shit was it painful. 2 Aleve and 2 Pepto Bismal caplets seem to be keeping it at bay. Or at least until I typed that, because Lord knows it'll come raging back any minute now.

I got to work, where I dragged ass all day. I ate lunch alone because the people I usually eat lunch with went out without me (not sure if it was intentional or not, at that point and in retrospect, it doesn't much matter, it still sucked) and then taught one more class before leaving for my foot doctor appointment.

I arrived at 2:30 for my 2:45 appointment and then I waited. And waited and waited. And then waited some more. At 4:30 they called me into a room that I can only assume used to double as a meat locker because it could not have been a millionth of a degree above about 45*F. I had x-rays done and then I sat and waited 15 more minutes for the doctor to come in.

The doctor was wonderful. Very personable, very comical, and even fairly proficient at listening. My x-ray was once again normal (to be expected) which leaves us at a cross roads. We really just don't know what's wrong with my foot. I have pain indicative of a stress fracture and pain indicative of an inflammatory problem with my tendons/ligaments. Since stress fractures won't show up on x-rays until they're about 50% healed, there's just not an easy way to sort it out.

So he gave me a half-boot to wear for a week to see what, if anything improves. They'll re-x-ray it in a week and see if anything changes. The major problem here being that the boot is MUCH MUCH more painful to wear than my regular shoes. Which I told him, and he was empathetic about. He said I could wear regular shoes if needed, but to give the boot thing a try. By the time I got out to the car, I had to take it off. I'll try again, but not anytime soon. The whole point was to reduce the pain, not introduce it into a new circle of hell.

I then got in the car and got in a phenomenal long-distance phone argument with my husband (who will likely be more mad for me sharing this, but we're married and we argue, that's life) before arriving at work for parent-teacher conferences.

Yea, that was awesome.

So I met with parents for an hour and a half and then headed home. Feeling exhausted from not sleeping, pain from my foot being, for lack of a better word, totally fucked up and upset-ness from arguing with my husband. It was like a hormonally induced trifecta of unhappiness.

I determined that the only thing to be done was to pick up some dinner rather than eat cheetos food from home, so I drove to the Popeyes drive-thru, where I was met with a new menu. Why Popeyes? Why? And the one thing I can eat at Popeyes, the Chicken Etouffee, is no longer on the menu.

So I drove to McDonalds, in tears over etouffee. (Shut up, there are a lot of hormones involved in this story.) As I paid for my dinner the woman at the window asked me if I was crying, to which I responded, between big sobs that no, I was most definitely not. And then went to roll up my window to spare the last shred of my dignity. Which was of course, when my previously broken but still semi-functional window broke for good.

So now my car is parked in front of my house with the window almost all the way down (because, you know, it couldn't go all the way down either). I'm about to go outside and put a big sign on the car that says, "STEAL ME, I REALLY NEED TO FIND ROCK BOTTOM."


Becs said...

Oh, girl. You got the bad juju on you. You're down there in the land of voodoo and santeria. Go find yourself a conjure wife to take the hex off you.

Anonymous said...

Well, damn, that just all blows. I'm so sorry. Maybe Becs is right about finding someone to do a little voodoo. Even if it didn't help, it might be interesting and distracting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, dear, you need a good cleansing. A good sage smudge stick. You may need some help with that. Good Karmic wishes coming your way.

the queen said...

Screw voodoo. Get your gallbladder taken care of. Food + a few hours + pain = gallbladder.

Or I could put the gypsy cure on whoever voodooed you.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I KNOW things suck for you right now but I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that the window breaking made me laugh. Not AT YOU, just in general cuz how much shit can one person handle?


lace1070 said...

Just another fun filled day in your life ~ right? I hope that today waa not so painful ~ hugs ~ Lace

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with Becs ... someone put a hex on you sister cause you can't catch a break. Do you drink? Cause you should!