Back to reality

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

While I could go on about politics for weeks, I'm going to stop the political talk for now and switch back to bitching about my health, because that's something we can all agree on. Heh.

So the latest, greatest health issue that has cropped up is related to an old problem of mine. You see, back in 2005 I broke my right foot in 3 places. I didn't fall, I didn't trip, I didn't do anything stupid, I just walked around Disneyland for 2 days and, well, it combusted. Or perhaps imploded. My 4th metatarsal, 5th metatarsal and cuboid were all broken though I walked around for about a week before getting the x-ray. It felt super good.

For 2 months I was in a boot, allowed to walk around freely and in pain. After 2 months of no healing, we switched to a full on cast, no weight bearing for 2 weeks. And then another cast. At this point it's been 4+ months, and despite great pain, swelling and discoloration, the doctor declared the fractures healed.

I sought a second opinion and low and behold, the CT scan revealed that all 3 bones were still broken. So for 3 more months (keep up, that's now 7 months) I was casted from the knee down. It smelled really great. Eventually we came to a fork. Either, we could try the very last resort, which was a bone growth stimulator worn at night (and a boot during the day) or surgery to inject special cells into the fracture site. Thankfully the bone growth stimulator worked and just 10 months after my foot broke, it finally healed. TEN MONTHS.

It was then that we figured that perhaps there was a problem. A DEXA scan revealed that my bone density was not correct. They don't have a scale for 22 year olds (that was my age at the time), but compared to 60 year old women, I was right on the border between osteoporotic and osteopenic, neither of which was good. And at 22, my bone density should've been much much higher than a 60 year old.

After many months of physical therapy, my foot returned to normal functionality. Which is where it has been until Saturday, when I got a familiar ache in the other side of the same foot. Whenever I put my foot down, I have pain. Whenever I move my big toe (at the joint between my big toe and foot) I have pain. It's starting to swell, it's starting to bruise.

THIS IS NOT GOOD. Not good friends.

I've been icing it, I've been taking Aleve and wearing non-flip-flops, but nothing seems to be making much of a difference. So tomorrow, I will break what was going to be a 2 week hiatus from doctors and see if I can't contact an orthopedist and get them to take a look at my foot. And so help me, if it is broken, I'm going to be so ridiculously pissed off, there just aren't words for it. In the grand scheme of things, another broken bone isn't much, but seriously, I'm SO ready to be NORMAL. NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL.

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure what normal is, but last time I checked, it did not include feet that break all of their own volition.

For the first time possibly ever, I sincerely hope that I am over-exaggerating and/or over-dramatizing. That would be freaking WONDERFUL. Wonderful I tell you.


joanne said...

people always think I'm strange when I say I have to check to see if I've broken any bones in my foot today...I mean really who breaks every single bone in their foot tripping over the dog...or just walking around all day...or standing at the kitchen sink...or...

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, 10 months?! I'll never bitch about my 4 weeks in a wrist to shoulder cast again. I'll say a prayer that it's not broken. Is there anything you can take to strengthen your bones? I do say you've covered it all now, from head to toe, literally. Keeping my fingers crossed....