Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I think I've written about it before, but for whatever reason, the administration at my work cannot remember my name.

In the 3 years I've worked there, I've been called all kinds of things and more than once, my name has been altogether forgotten (as in, someone tried to introduce me and had NO IDEA who I was. That was a highlight moment.)

Somehow the name that my most immediate boss has given me is Amy.

She calls me this all the time, including when I'm wearing a name tag that says "KATHRYN" in huge capital letters. I mean, it's seriously written right there, and yet, she still can't call me by the correct name. I haven't corrected her because she's my boss and there's just no way to do this that doesn't put us both in an awkward position. She did it in front of a group of my co-workers and none of them could figure out who she was talking to. I, of course, answered and now it's become a standing joke.

Fast forward to Monday morning, I walked in the front door and a different administrator was trying to get my attention. I don't know if he was flustered or something, but well, he called me Amy. And of course I responded (what is wrong with me?) Seriously, it's like a plague. This is my 3rd year working here, it seems like Katie shouldn't be that difficult to remember.

I think when I finally get my marriage license fixed (oh yes, it still says Kathnyn), I might just switch over to Amy. That's easy for them to spell, right? And really, perhaps it's time for a change?

(lest you thought I'd go a whole blog without mentioning my head, you have no such luck. I made an appointment with a different neurologist for November 24th. It seems light years away, but it's not that ridiculous for a new patient appointment. I also had my sinus CT today, so I get those results next week. And in the meantime, um, well, I guess I continue to hone my headache toleration skills. I wish I could say they're coming along nicely, but this headache is still kicking my ass on a regular basis.)


Flea said...

Well, Amy, I must say you are a tolerant woman. My youngest gets called everything but his name and he smiles the entire time.

Maybe they're trying to tell you something? Amy means beloved. Kathryn means pure. Hmmm. I got nuthin'.

Cranky Amy said...

So, me and this friend of mine in high school used to get called each others names, even by people who only knew one of us. I'd get the Stacey and she'd get Amy, and we would ANSWER TO THEM!!! Even when we weren't together. Yeah, I know where you're coming from.

Anonymous said...

Is there another staff member at your school named Amy?
I ask because my vice principal called me Krista for a LONG time. There is another teacher in the school named Krista - the only thing we have in common is that we worked across the hall from each other and started at the school at the same time. He called *her* Krista, too, which was befuddling. He could've at least called her by my name!
It finally ended when another teacher said to him "You know, you've been calling Louise Krista for a year and a half..."
*I* sure wasn't going to mention it!

lace1070 said...

LOL ~ people mess my name up all the time ~ lucy, lassie, lazy, tracy, lacifer, stumpy, brain tail ~

the queen said...

Is someone going to take care of that cyst in your sinus? Did they SEE grey's Anatomy a few weeks ago? The one with a guy in chronic pain for years who had a cyst pressing on a nerve in back of his sinuses?

Becs said...

In my life, I have repeatedly been known as Karen (not my name), Kathy (not my name), Nancy (not my name) and Phyllis (not my name).

My first name is a famous one. Just because it became famous due to one fabulous woman, does that mean I don't qualify to own my name? Pfft! Ridiculous.