An open letter to Los Angeles

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dear Los Angeles,

Hi, it's Katie. Remember me? I lived on your border from 2001 to 2005 and then virtually every summer since. I think I left on pretty good terms, but it's come to my attention that we need to have some words.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to drop my husband off at the airport to fly away from me. To fly away from me, and to fly to you. I'm not going to lie, I'm not just sad, I'm also green with envy and all different kinds of jealous of you.

You get my husband for a month. You get to be there when he goes to his dream hospital and tries his dream job on for a month. You get to witness the triumphs and you'll be responsible for caring for him in the struggles. You hold all kinds of wonderment for him: our niece, his nephew, and much better fast food. So for a whole month he'll be with you and not with me.

You're kind of a bitch.

It's difficult because, on the one hand, I want you to be good to my husband, I really do. I want him to enjoy this rotation at this great hospital, make connections with people there and spend time with his family. I want him to feel comfortable and competent and I want him to learn all the things he can't/didn't/won't learn from reading books.

But at the same time, I want you to suck just a little bit because I need him to want to come back here. New Orleans is wonderful, but we don't have 1 year old nieces and 12 year old nephews. We don't have prestigious hospitals with great programs (at least in his field). We don't have In-and-Out burger or Baja Fresh, and thanks to Katrina, we're very low on Taco Bells.

So I think we just need to set some parameters. You can be filled with wonderful work experience, sane family time and better fast food, but you must also balance this with lots of traffic, smog and a profound lack of me. We can both win, but only if you cooperate.

More than anything else, above any selfish requests I might make, please be good to him and please keep him safe. He's pretty important to me.

With love,


Flea said...

A potential job? Better neurologists? Hmm. I hope Los Angeles takes good care of Sir Slappy. You know, though, that he'll miss you something fierce and be ready to come home. :)

The Floydster said...

You don't have to worry about the City of Angels winning out over you. I also am going there in a few days (I wrote about it in my last post if you want to know why) and I have to say, I have missed In-n-Out a lot. I'll eat a cheeseburger in your honor. I hope you are feeling somewhat better.

Anonymous said...

Going through a similar issue. Talked about it on my blog as well. Hubby is going to Navy boot camp (at 37 years old). He will be gone a total of 15 weeks. Luckily, none of the places he is going will have the potential for being better than home.

Good luck to Slappy, and hang in there.

kim-d said...

Awww, Katie...I know how much you will miss him and it will suck. I won't try to sugarcoat it for you (why start now, after all this time). Hopefully the time will go fast. My suggestion is, sleep A LOT. Works for me.

All of that aside, I am excited that Slappy is getting this opportunity. He's going to be missing you, too, though...

April said...

I think that New Orleans has something LA doesn't have....YOU! And I think that will bring him running home!

Anonymous said...

Okay, we have the traffic and smog covered, especially for this time of the year. We'll work on the other things.

And as anecdotes on this blog have proven, you're more than capable of dealing with suckage. He'll be back before you can say 'taco truck'.

Lipstick Jungle said...

So how do you really feel??? I hope that the pain resolves itself while he is gone so you can have one kick ass welcome home party!

So are you hoping he will get the job? What is the time frame if he gets/takes it?

We will keep you busy while he is gone!

Safe travels to Mr Slappy.