On Alternate Treatment

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I got a call this afternoon from the hospital reminding me that I have an appointment on Tuesday afternoon with my neurologist, who though dead to me, will be the key to getting the next referral I need. This was supposed to be the 6 weeks Topamax appointment, but instead it'll be the ha, while you were on vacation I stopped the crazy drugs. Now what bitch? Only probably without the bitch because I just can't do it in person. Also, my neurologist is so small I could probably crush her with one hand, so I'm afraid of being a bully. It's just too easy.

Here is the current plan in regards to this appointment:
-run screaming from neurologist's office after appointment unless she apologies profusely and gets her head out of her ass and starts making logical or helpful suggestions.
-ask pointed questions regarding intracranial pressure and tethered cord (more on this another time)
-ask for referral to the "Headache Clinic" where hopefully they have other remedies besides narcotics.

If none of those 3 things come to fruition, I will not be surprised even the tiniest littlest bit. Because I'm no longer setting expectations for appointments. If I go in assuming the worst, then I won't continue to come out disappointed. Everyone wins this way. I'm pretty sure you could put that on a t-shirt or stitch it on a pillow. I'm all about inspiration right now folks.

A number of you have asked about some alternate therapies, homeopathy stuff and well, no, I don't do it. I have good excuses for some of it, and a good part is that I've tried a lot in the past and I'm just too lazy to try it again.

I don't do chiropractors at all because truly, it's not really great for your body. I know a lot of people love them (my own family included) and I'm fine and dandy with you going, but I know too much about anatomy and physiology to go in and have things popped and kinked. I also happen to have extremely lax tendons and ligaments (so lax I once dislocated my shoulder throwing a hockey puck...), so having things popped by a chiropractor would likely result in a crazy large number of dislocations, which, let's face it, is just not really needed right now.

I also don't do acupuncture. The main reason is the cost and also a little with the sitting still, but mostly the cost. My health insurance does not cover alternative or eastern medicine and I can't pay out of pocket for this. I'm already trying to figure out how to pay for my allergy shots, I don't think I can pay for more needles.

I am proud to say that I am now taking a vitamin (better late than never?) every day and will give some thought to modifying my diet some to get rid of the unnecessary hormones. Or something. I'm also re-upping my gym membership in hopes that some exercise might do my body some good. Yoga might happen again, but not until after sports season ends because I can't commit to one day a week at all right now. And the last time I went to Yoga, I immediately started dying of bronchitis, so I don't know, it just feels jinxed for me.

Please don't take this as me telling you not to suggest things, because really, I've read every comment and carefully considered all the things you've suggested. It would be completely asinine for me to sit here and tell you that I'd do anything to stop the pain, but then shoot down all suggestions. So please, if you have ideas, I'll take them. As long as they don't fall into the category of "long walk off short cliff" or "suck it up already" because I already have an inbox FULL of those suggestions thankyouverymuch.


Leigh C. said...

Hey, as far as the suggestions go, everybody's gotta do SOMEthing.


I'm very sorry it has come to next to no expectations from meeting with doctors. I hope you come across something that works. R'fuah shleimah to you.

Becs said...

Yeah, it's time to kick some ass and take names. If your neuro isn't doing it for you, widen the search. I completely understand that it's hard to be adamant when you feel so horrible. I admire you for keeping on with your life.

For every smug a-hole troll you get, there are 50 people cheering for you in the wings, including me.

(Apparently you have two Becs who comment. I'm the other one.)

Flea said...

I know you just live to make us feel better, so let me say that I feel better knowing that you've thought these through and how you respond to them. :D I figured you had already tried what's been suggested, having been here in some ways in the past. And we're not as desperate as you are, not being trapped in your body, but we hurt for you and want you to be better. I only suggest in desperation, wanting your pain to go away. :)

Here's hoping your tiny neurologist got some needed rest and is clear headed when you see her this week, helping you now.

The Floydster said...

Here's why you are fast becoming one of my heroes:
* You continue on with your very full life in the midst of unspeakable pain.
* You continue to blog and keep us informed when it must be at least a bit of a drain energy-wise.

More power and less pain for you, Katie!

P.S. What sport do you coach?

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

I thought I suggested retail therapy. Nothing cures a headache like 1000 thread count sheets!!

(I jest, I jest. Except they are very lovely.)

Anonymous said...

I hope you are doing okay - noticed you haven't updated since Saturday. Not that you have to update daily but just checking in to see how it's going. Still thinking about you and this terrible nightmare of a headache and wishing it would go away for you and find out what's the cause. I can't imagine how frustrated you must feel.

katy said...

I had a headache one day over the weekend and grumped around all day. Then I thought about you and made myself quite being a baby....for me it's just a headache that I know will go away. I don't know how you do it.

Anonymous said...

I so subscribe to the expect-nothing theory. Nothing to lose but a chip on one's shoulder that way :)

All the best, boo.