Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today began as an average day by all accounts. An early morning for sports stuff, but uneventful (I didn't even run a camera light this morning like yesterday (frickity frick frick)).

And then...

My school laptop, where I do all my athletics entries from, died. Like, lost-its-hard-drive died. Like lost all our athletics information which is extremely important, died.

And then my car wouldn't start while I was at the parking lot at CVS. My lights have not been left on in over a week and it's not the battery (trust me, I am now well acquainted with the sound, or lack thereof, of a dead battery). Which is great because all I have more of than free time right now, is money.

And then my mom (who's in town, yay!) and I went out to a wonderful dinner, and now my lower intestinal tract is dying. I'm not sure if I ate something I was allergic to, or if my body is just throwing in the towel altogether, but it's not pretty. Or pleasant. Or unpainful.

And then I got an email from one of my athletes letting me know that she BROKE HER ANKLE today, less than 3 weeks before our state competition.

Oh, and I've caught a totally new cold. More snot, more coughing, more sore throat. It's AWESOME.

Today can SUCK IT.


Flea said...

Ugh. Tomorrow's Friday?