Monday, October 27, 2008

So I went to the grocery store today. After eating Easy Mac for lunch/dinner for the past, um, 3 days, I decided it was time for some variety. I remember in college I virtually lived off of the Campbell's Soup-at-hand soups, my favorite being the Blended Vegetable Medley. I literally ate it like every single day, no exaggeration. And I haven't had it since graduation.

I went to one grocery store that had several varieties of the soup-at-hand, but no vegetable medley. I went next door to another grocery store (in the same parking lot), and found the same deal, except an even wider variety and this time an empty slot where the Vegetable Medley used to be. I tried CVS since I had to go there anyway, but again, no Vegetable Medley.

So I bought some kiwis instead. Hopefully they'll stave off the scurvy the Easy mac is dooming me to. Seems unlikely, but at least I tried.

For those that asked, life is pretty much the same. The head continues to be frustrating and relentless, but I'm getting used to it. Yesterday I was having trouble focusing my eyes, but that has mostly resolved today, which is good. I'm unbelievably tired and still rather lonely though the cat is doing her best to be perpetually in the way keep me company. Just one doctor's appointment this week, which will hopefully be the final ENT clearance after the results of my sinus CT is in.


Can this week be over? And can someone please stock my soup in the greater New Orleans area?


brneyedgal967 said...

Hmmm... can you order it online and have it shipped to you?

I'm still waiting for online grocery stores to hit the OKC area. I think I'll pretty much be in hog heaven then.

Anonymous said...

So sorry, but I think they discontinued Vegetable Medley. It's not listed here...

Creamy Tomato Bisque sounds awesome to me, though!

anna in IL

Anonymous said...

OMG I used to love that! Unfortunately they discontinued it where I live. Maybe it's somewhere out there? (cue Fievel...) Let me know if you find it, the taste of that stuff was excellent, unlike the hurl-inducing minestrone and veggie soups of my elementary days.

Oh, yes, Hi, I'm Marisa, I love your blog and have been reading for a couple months now...


Gabi said...

They discontinued it?? WOW! I bought a ton of that last winter for my veggie daughter. She'll be bummed!! I know campbells has a regular soup that's veggie meddley could puree that one I suppose...sounds like too much work to me.