Another theory bites the dust

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So I tried the biofeedback crap yesterday.

As it turns out, I kick ass at relaxing my neck muscles. Like literally, I'm awesome at it. Ironically, except when I start talking about my neurologist. The machine was set so that when I contracted my neck muscles it beeped. I kid you not, I could keep the damn thing quiet as a mouse while doing normal activities until I started talking about this doctor and then it would beep like crazy.

While thoroughly obnoxious, what it did show (aside from my disdain for my neurologist) is that my neck muscles are not in a constant state of contraction, and shockingly, my headaches are most likely not muscular.

In less than a week I'll have another doctor sign off indicating that something else (sinuses!) are not the cause of the headaches. (I don't want to talk about the possibilities of what is living in my sinuses, hopefully it's nothing, we'll know in a week).

So that's 2 theories down, and about 10 trillion to go. It's great to be making so much progress. I mean, really, in 5 weeks with a headache, who wouldn't be impressed with ruling out 2 causes? At this pace, we'll have it figured out sometime in the two or three decades.



Probably not.


Flea said...

Psh. It's Slappy's cologne. :)

Anonymous said...

It's the brain muscles. Yeah, that's what it is. Those must be tense. Or um... hair follicle muscles. Now wouldn't it give you headaches if all those little follicles all tensed up. I hear you can tell this if you're hair is all spiky. I bet porcupines have wicked headaches.