Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I mean, REALLY?

So I had this sporting thing at 6 this morning and I got up early and left 40 minutes ahead of time so I could get there early and get things set up. Looking back, I'm not sure what made me think that that was even a possibility, let alone a probability. I had directions, but they were wrong. Oh were they wrong.

Sure, they had the correct freeway exit, but the wrong fork in the exit. So wrong that in my futile search for the fricking street I was to turn on that I went over the Huey P. Long bridge only to realize that, oh yea, I needed to be on the other side, so I got to drive over it AGAIN. At 5:40 in the morning.

I ended up being 10 minutes late for the very thing I was coordinating which was humiliating to say the least. My boss who was there to oversee it told me I looked like I maybe needed to take a minute to breathe before going in. I really wanted to take a minute and punch him in the face, but I didn't. I may have frantically called my husband and screamed the f word a few times. And by a few I mean a few hundred. My throat actually hurt when I got there. (Knowing my life and luck, I probably somehow induced a case of strep throat by screaming. That seems to fit the theme of this week month year.)

And you know, aside from that the day was unremarkable. But incase I got too comfortable with my life, I opened my computer to find this.

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*9pm addendum. It's a good sign when your day starts sucking enough that you have to add an update to the suck rant. Oh but it does. So University I attend called to tell me that because I'm taking half my classes at another College (because they did not offer the courses at times I could make), I am one credit shy of how many I need to receive any financial aid, private or otherwise. So I figured I'd add a stupid sports class, or underwaterbasket weaving. There are none of these. Currently I'm enrolled in introduction to French, but I'm having to really work hard to keep myself from just dropping all my classes and quitting everything because I cannot take another full credit class right now, but I also can't shell out 3 grand to take this one class and one lab without financial aid. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do besides sit here, alone, and cry about it. And take a shit load of Aleve because my head could not possibly hurt more.

**9:31 addendum. I've dropped French and found the last open spot in Basic Spanish II. I've technically already taken this class at another university, but it was never really about credit in the long term, simply about the number of units I'm required to take. Problem shittily solved.

***10:58 addendum. I've dropped Spanish also. My mom is paying for the semester. I really wanted to work this out on my own because I feel like at age 25 I should be able to handle my own financial matters, but apparently that's not the case, which is both embarrassing and depressing. And now I'm going to bed because I have to be awake in 6 hours and if I stay awake any longer I'm not sure there's any chance that I'll survive to see tomorrow.


Flea said...

I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!! You need to MOVE! That is the answer. Move away from Louisiana. Move now. Don't ask questions. Don't pass Go. Don't collect 200 dollars. Run away!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks that you need a hurricane. The sweet, red kind. Everything feels better with a hurricane in hand.

Anna in IL

Anonymous said...

Heh. The Huey. Hey, at least there wasn't any traffic and the damn thing wasn't closed. Re: Gus, relax. Stick with me, kid. I'll tell ya when to worry. :) Keep in mind the weathermen LOOOOVE to milk a good storm. This thing is a week away and A LOT can happen. So do as Anna says and imbibe.

Anonymous said...

Any philosophy classes open? Those were relatively easy and always interesting... Hang in. It will work out.

Anonymous said...

I don't comment much but I love your Blog and I hate that you're having such a crappy time this week or month or year. I live in S. Florida and just endured Trop. Storm Fay and you were the first person I thought of when I saw the projected path of Hurricane Gustav. I don't want it to hit you guys, but I don't want it to come here either!!! But the real reason I wanted to comment was regarding your Mom's offer to pay for your tuition this semester. You said that you felt embarassed, etc. My husband and I were the exact same way when we first started out. We wanted to make it on our own and handle everything ourselves. But it's taken me almost 13 years of marriage and hitting the age of 40 to figure out that my parents have offered all types of help through the years because they love me and WANT to help. Don't beat yourself up. Take the help and let her know how grateful you are. Try to picture yourself many, many years from now and having a 25 year old daughter who just got married and is dealing with all types of health, financial, and career issues. Won't you want to help her by simply relieving one of those burdens? You deserve to have this one financial burden solved and so much more!

Carol in S. Florida

P.S. Sorry this turned out to be a novel.

Cranky Amy said...

Ditto what Carol said about Moms.

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Should you need a place to stay (re: Gus) I've got you and Slappy covered here in Chicago. Keep in mind I evacuated 3 times in 4 years only to watch the news report of the light rain in NOLA. (I guess what I mean by that is....don't panic unless you see a photo of your house under-water or under a tree....until then, stick to the positive thinking)

Anonymous said...

So to add on your previous entry of bad luck, I was on the way to a free night at Beau Rivage and BAM, my tire falls off my car. Yeah... like burning rubber. Then I turn on the radio this morning to hear Gustav is heading our way. Ah... what an adventure.

the queen said...

Regarding Moms and help - I don't see where you failed. In fact, you solved the problem twice: once with French, then a better solution with Spanish. Then you wisely accepted the Mom offer, which is an even better solution.

An adult who was being a baby (or my sister-in-law) would be someone who never looked for a solution and immediately gave up, then called Mom and told her she was dropping out of college. That is a baby. You are a grownup. You just upgraded your solution.

Lanny said...

Does it help to know that my mom paid for 1/2 my master's degree when I was your age? We were in the same boat (Army in med school/me teaching); there was no other way.

Enjoy the help--moms like to help their babies! :)