Monday, August 11, 2008

Sorry for the delay in updating. Today was a marathon day at work and I've only now just sat down with my computer for the first time since I left for work 10 and a half hours ago.

My appointment was for 1 this afternoon, at a new office. I was a little anxious (wait, did I mention that already?) about a new doctor because it's such a crapshoot, but I have to say, I'm thrilled with the new doctor and the office as well. I almost wanted to just stay and hang out with my doctor, and that's a rarity. She's young and very friendly. I know, you're shocked that my fears were unfounded. That never ever happens around here.

The first thing they did was their own urine test which came back negative (hallelujah!). In light of that, they decided not to assault me with the ultrasound wand (double hallelujah!).

I met with the doctor, in her office (fully clothed!), and we talked about it. She initially said she was content leaving it alone and not running more tests and then she started going through my medical history. After detailing the brain and the boob she said that if anyone had the ability to defy standard urine tests, I seem like a prime candidate. So, she went ahead and ordered a blood test, just to be sure. I should get the results tomorrow.

I asked her what she thought the deal could be since we can agree it's almost certainly not a child, and she, like all of you wise people, said it was probably stress. She asked me about it and I gave my canned answer about not really being that stressed out, except when she asked me more specific questions about work (gah!), school (GAH!) and other activities (what? I'm supposed to have MORE activities?) I realized that perhaps I'm a big fat liar and am a wee little tiny bit stressed out.

To be honest, in giving my life a good hard look, I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of stress. Every time I get work done, I just see how much more is waiting for me. Between teaching 2 preps, one of which is a new (and more difficult to teach) class, coaching a different sport (oh yea, have I not mentioned this yet? gah!), taking classes and volunteering for grad school hours, I really have been overwhelmed. I'm trying to manage it, but I'm not doing such a fantastic job.

The doctor said to give it a little while longer and if the period is still MIA then I can go back for more invasive tests. At this point there's not really a reason to put myself through it because stress (or weight loss, good call Lanny) could be the culprit.

So aside from waiting for those results, it looks like we're in the clear. I was worried (I know, you're shocked) that I might secretly be disappointed if I wasn't pregnant, but as it turns out, I'm actually not at all. I hope someday to have many beautiful children, and while there may never be a good time to have a kid, there are definitely better times than now. I want to be able to give my children the best possible life, and right now that really isn't a possibility.

So anyways, thanks for your support and lovely comments. I will let you know when I get the official all clear on the blood work.


Anonymous said...

It really sounds like it could be stress. You have had so many hits lately it is no wonder you haven't gone completely bonkers. I hope you get some relief soon!!

Anonymous said...

It does sound like you found a great doctor. Hopefully tomorrow's results show that you're healthy, if a little short of punctuation. :P

Anna in IL

Anonymous said...

Well, at least a great new doc and news of no babies will help reduce that stress a little bit! Did you mention the Wii? That is SO an activity!

Anonymous said...

Very happy that you liked your Dr. Isn't it great when you feel like they are listening and you agree with what they say. Hopefully you will catch a break soon.

Lanny said...

Glad you found a great doc! I'm glad you got the news you wanted too! :)

Anonymous said...

Phew! I was actually anxious about this for you! How crazy is that? I don't even know you!

You've been through a hell of a lot lately. Take a little breather. It's ok to do that!

Flea said...

YAY!!! For finding a good doctor! You're on better footing with that alone. I'm so happy for you!