Good news, bad news

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So the good news is that we're going to Nashville after all. The only major difference being that we're taking the cat along for the ride.

The bad news is that this is why:

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Okay, so do I get to panic now?


the queen said...


What do you do about jobs when there's a hurricane? Does your employer just say "See you when it stops raining?"

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

To continue our eerily similar lives, I too went to Nashville for my first hurricane evacuation.

It rained the whole time we were there, we ate at some nice resturantas & drove back.

The. End.

(And we just left the tape on the windows becuase two days later we left because there was another hurricane coming. But that is a story for another day I suppose. I'll spoil the ending though and tell you that it didn't hit either.)

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of time for this thing to disapate or turn away from NOLA. The good thing is that the first forecast position is usually wrong...Katrina was forecast to hit the panhandle of FL. So don't panic, yet. but do clean out your fridge before you leave :-)
Claire in TX
(but a south LA native)

Flea said...

Oh geez, Katie. Would you panic already? ;) And I second Claire, only to add Make sure all the toilets are flushed.

Anonymous said...

Why worry? It's already weakening!! Enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

Psshaw. I lived in south Louisiana for four years, and I think we only had two hurricanes hit in all that time. Odds are, this one won't hit either.

Anna in IL

Anonymous said...

It still has a long way to come before it hits anywhere. Don't panic yet, but fill your freezer with ice (water-filled milk jugs work well). A full freezer will keep for three days if the power goes out!

Lanny said...

Am I on your way to Nashville? :)