Deprivation, day 1

Friday, August 8, 2008

First, completely unrelated to my new life without all good food, I thought that (some of) you would be interested to know that I was able to get my gynecologist appointment moved up to this coming Monday. I guess this time I just said the magic words because viola, they made it happen.

Apparently the magic words are "9 weeks without a period." And "should have ovulated on my honeymoon."

Who knew?

Anyways, life without the 17 good foods is not my favorite. Breakfast ended up being an apple because, did you know that every single brand of cereal has oat flour in it? Or that all the granola bars that don't have oat flower or sunflower oil ALL have peanut butter or chocolate chips? Or my personal favorite, no oats, no sunflower anything, no chocolate, no nuts, but...dried blueberries. Seriously. So an apple it was.

Lunch was jambalaya that I double checked did not contain garlic and that the rice only had, you know, rice flour in it. Have I mentioned what a gigantic pain in the ass this is? No?

We're going out to dinner tonight, but I've done my homework and I think if I ask for a particular dish without garlic, then I'm good. I feel like such the biggest bubble baby asking waitresses/waiters about ingredients in a dish, but I just keep telling myself that it's only 3 weeks and then possibly adding them back. I miss chocolate already. And while I like my allergist, he's a liar. Carob does NOT taste like chocolate.

I was, at Whole Paycheck Foods, able to find 2 varieties of allergen free cookies, both of which have a funny aftertaste, but are going to do in the meantime anyways. I also found one variety of pretzels and some bagels that will solve the breakfast dilemma (the bagels, not the pretzels, though you never know).

So there. That's life, day 1, without good foods. Methinks the next 20 are going to be rather long and hard.

(That's what she said)


Anonymous said...

My husband is allergic to wheat, eggs, corn, milk and yeast. Corn syrup or corn starch is in almost everything. So, I can empathize with your new diet. It does get easier after you learn to cook in new ways. And, from what I understand, food sensitivities can change over time. He didn't develop these allergies until his late 20s and for years he had to be diligent about what he ate. Now, almost 20 years later, he can "cheat" sometimes. For him it's all a matter of build up in his system. He might be able to eat wheat every 4 days but not every 3 days. It will get easier and those cookies will start to taste better. My advice is to try to find a small health food store in your area. I've had better luck in those type of stores than in a big Whole Foods. Hopefully it won't be long-term for you.

Lisa C.

Anonymous said...

I'm allergic to a ton of things - stuff I breath, food... I am lucky because, far as I know, the food ones don't bother me. (Or maybe they do & that's what I write off as hormones.)

My guess is that initially it's probably a good idea to cut everything out & see how you feel because that'll tell you to what degree food allergies are affecting you. I'd guess you won't have to be cut off from the entire list forever.

Oh, & the funniest food allergy - I'm allergic to garlic. But I can eat it just fine. I just can't smell fresh garlic or I sneeze. Now how weird is that?

Anonymous said...

good luck with this. It can't be easy, notice how you tend to really want the things you are told you can't have??

Anonymous said...

Are we going to avoid the gigantic baby in the room? ;)

You have to give up garlic?! I think I would give up the will to live.

kim-d said...

BWAHAHAHAHA...(that's what she said)...I LOVE that. I have KNOWN people like Michael Scott.

I'm glad the gyno got you in because, hey, it's been NINE weeks now. And you were ovulating on your honeymoon? Really? You're going to be needing those big, nasty-assed vitamins, I think. Just remember, I called it first.

And I agree with you completely...there is no way on God's great earth that carob tastes like chocolate.

Ness said...

Glad you got the earlier gyno apt. Will be waiting for the diagnosis. Our grandson has Asperger's(kind of autism) and he has to be on a special diet of casein free/gluten free. His mother at first had to make everything from bread to hamburger buns so this 7 yr old could feel comfortable eating at school with friends. Hang in there, Katie. Got you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Ovulate on your honeymoon? This is one detail we NEEDED to know when you went on your "I peed on the stink" a few weeks ago. I chalked your misses to stress, other medical issues, etc." But add the ovulation/honeymoon to the mix, and I think we could have an Overflowing belly soon. And how EXCITING that would be!!!! Keep us posted!

Claire in TX

Flea said...

Sounds like you need to start looking for recipes for sauteed allergist.