Wedding part 6: Reception set up

Friday, July 4, 2008

So, I'm breaking the reception into 2 parts. First, I want you to see what the room looked like, then you can see us getting down with our bad selves. Plus, I'm trying to see if I can find the technology to blur faces so I can share a few more pictures (free program recommendations (Mac compatible!) are most appreciated).

Our reception was at the same site as the ceremony and it was a long room with windows and a balcony all along one side and a rounded end. Not sure that made sense, but whatever. You're not really reading this anyway. I know it's all about the pictures.

When everyone walked in they were greeted by their party favor and placecard, all wrapped (pun intended) into one. They were boxes of See's Candy with a label with their name and their table names. It took me about 7 hours to wrap and label these babies, including the extra hour to unwrap and rewrap all the ones my sister did. No, I'm totally serious.

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We named each table after a New Orleans restaurant and put a little picture and blurb about the restaurant on the table. Note the Mardi Gras beads. In the end, I just wasn't up for fighting the MIL on this. I did send my mother out to collect the rather large sum of beads she had scattered on the cake table, but otherwise, I let it go.

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(My dad's table- he picked the restaurant himself. Perhaps it was the bananas foster beignets that persuaded that decision...)

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(Our sweetheart table (or as Slappy accidentally called it, the "Lover's Table")- the restaurant we got engaged at)

The tables were all done in ivory and purple and the room was put together beautifully.

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And the last bit of scenery I'll share is the cake. This was the one thing that Slappy was very insistent about and he did a great job. It was a white cake with white frosting and fresh strawberries and whipped cream in the middle. The design (as you'll see) was a purple swirl, however, the cake was put in front of a window and the side where the sun shined in ate away at the color. So by the time they served the cake, about half of the slices had blue frosting instead of purple. Obviously that didn't stop anyone from eating it, including us, since we brought the top with us to the hotel that night and proceeded to consume most of it over the course of the next 2 days (living halfway across the country didn't make the freezing it for a year thing very feesable, I'm sure we'll find some cake to celebrate our anniversary next year...)

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Next will be the remainder of the reception. Yes friends, we're getting close to the end, all I have left are reception, a few outtakes (if I can learn to blur faces), and honeymoon pictures. Sniff sniff, I can't believe it's almost over again.


Anonymous said...

Don't blur them, just put something over them like pioneer woman does with calf nuts and the blue butterfly. Why does your husbands face have to be covered or hidden? Wouldn't he only be able to be looked up by his name, not his appearance?

Everything you have showed about your wedding so far has been beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...


Anna in IL

April said...

Everything is so pretty, I love the cake, simply elegant!

Lanny said...

This matches everything else you've shared so far---beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Damn, I want a piece of cake now...

Kate said...

I love it- everything looks idyllic (this applies to all previous posts too- Blogger has been eating comments...)

So, to summarise:
- you look absolutely beautiful
- dress is amazing- just perfect
- love the "smitten" photo, the flowers, the favours, the purple and the attendants
- congratulations ;-)