The Pity Party

Friday, July 18, 2008

Today I will be throwing a pity party. Not for me, but for a friend who just got some really bad, potentially life changing, news. She and her new Fiance just moved few blocks away from us, so since we're so close by and I have nothing to do all day long, I just couldn't sit aside and not do something. Oh, and she gave me this crap, so I'm not worried about getting her sick.

So we're having a party.

There will be cake, soaked gloriously in rum, there will be whatever alcoholic beverage she wants (somehow we have the most amazing alcohol collection, I'd say it's because I cook a lot, but honestly, I just don't know), and there will be movies. Steel Magnolias and Beaches if she needs to cry about someone else's problems, or some absurd comedy if she needs to not be crying.

And maybe some Wii time. I'm thinking the boxing would be a pretty therapeutic.

Other suggestions?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...


Carbs would help me if I got life changing news.


Overflowing Brain said...

oh yes, lots of carbs. We'll be having olive bread, spinach artichoke dip, buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks and cake cake cake.

Lots and lots of carbs.

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Go get pedicures first & then, after watching the movies, put cucumbers over your eyes & see who can hold still the longest.

joanne said...

I L.o.v.e. a good pity-party. Sounds like you've got all the makings of a good pity-filled time. Hope it helps...send some this way ;)

Flea said...

Rum cake. *DROOL*