Sunday, July 6, 2008

From one rant to another.

I know I said I'd stop talking so much about the job, but honestly, I'm losing my freaking mind. I contacted my old job on Tuesday and there have been emails sent from my boss since then (general emails sent to the whole staff), so I know she's in the office or at least checking emails. And yet, not a word to me. I alternate trying to figure out what this means. Would she just tell me if they weren't going to hire me back? Could they be looking at the job openings and trying to figure out if I could fit any of them? Are they outright ignoring me for leaving them?

I sent an email this morning indicating that I'd like to meet in person to discuss this and asking for a good time to meet (calling and setting up an appointment is virtually impossible) and have yet to hear anything. I know I'm being impatient, but it's July 6th, schools here start in about a month and if I can't get my job back then I have GOT to start applying elsewhere. I'm not applying until I hear from my old job because I know if they caught wind of me applying for teaching jobs before I spoke with them that that bridge would be incinerated

I've got a list of places to apply to, a resume typed up and am just waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And possibly losing my mind. I don't mind going back to teaching, this is not a huge deal, but being jobless, that IS a huge deal. I need a job, and for my sanity's sake, I need it really soon.

I feel like I'm living in a land of helplessness. I can't seem to keep anything in my life in control lately and I do not like this one bit.


Daisy, Just Daisy said...

She could just be trying to figure out where the openings are, etc etc before she gets back to you. I'd bet if the answer was a flat out "no" she'd let you know right away.

I know the feeling though- talk about frustrating x one million.

(Also I'm having issues leaving comments- your word verifcation doodad hates me- but your reception was gorgeous!!)

shitwit said...

I feel for i wish i could find the "right" job and manage school. sighs

Anonymous said...

What about just driving out there? Would that be too weird, to pretend you were in the neighborhood?