Highlight of the Evening

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In the middle of the chemistry class, in a move that I can only imagine was purely motivated by the fact that the professor had NO idea what the answer to a student's question, our professor told a joke. Or rather, attempted to.

She asked us why 9 was afraid of 7, to which the answer is because "seven ate nine." Ah ha. Ah ha.

However, the actual joke is: why is 6 afraid of 7, because as the punch line indicates, 9 is no more and thus would not have fear of 7.

She could not grasp this. No matter how many times we explained that 9 was gone, or dead, if you will, she just didn't get it and instead kept telling the same wrong joke over and over again.

And the only thing I remember from the entire 3 hour class was her exclaiming after a period of reflection, "Wait, nine is DEAD? How can it be dead?!?"


Anonymous said...

I think Sun can grasp that one. Tell her you will explain if for extra credit!