And then God points and laughs again.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Clearly the news that my former boss might not be ignoring me was enough to tip the scales of Karma against me again.

First, I go to get my tire repaired. Did you know that if the nail had been 1 CENTIMETER more towards the bottom of the tire they could've patched it. But because it wasn't, I had to get a new tire. New being a relative term since the nail tire was less than 2 months old. Do you know how little it costs to repair a tire? Do you know how much more it costs to get a new one? Like 100 dollars plus what's left of my sanity.

Then I get a call from the glasses place. Being an incredible genius, I had taken an old pair of frames to have my new lenses put in as a cost saving measure. Since you know, replacing all your crap gets expensive after a while. They charged me 60 bucks and told me to wait a few days for them to come in. I got a call a day later saying they'd misquoted me and I could pay the balance when I picked them up.

So I go to pick them up. The woman tells me that when I ordered them when she looked at my age she assumed that I'd just need regular lenses, which are 60 bucks. And it wasn't until later when she saw my bifocal prescription that she realized that the lenses were actually 219 dollars. Yea, definitely couldn't just give me the bill, definitely had to rub in the bifocals thing.



Anonymous said...

There is going to be a blow up. Between you, me and SoMo, some fool in NOLA is about to seriously GET IT. And it will be good and so worthwhile. Hmmm. Wonder which of us will blow first??

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

For mechanical problems I used to get my car fixed at a total hole-in-the-wall on Tchoups right across from Save A Center. The guy was really nice, always worked with my schedule & never overcharged me. (He once fixed something for $7!! He told me it only took him 15 minutes & no parts and he couldn't justify charging me any more than that.) I know that he is still open after Katrina. Something to keep in mind in case you ever need something looked at quickly!!