Wedding part 4: The Flower Debacle (and more pre-ceremony pictures)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

So, when we last left off, it was 2:45pm the day of our wedding, I was totally dressed and ready to begin pictures, but had no flowers or florist on the scene yet.

As a little background, we got a recommendation for this florist from someone who used him last summer. She said he was personable and the flowers were great. We met with them 2 or 3 times before choosing them and we paid our balance in full in December (probably a mistake, in retrospect). Our centerpieces were provided by the place we got married at, so we were doing ceremony flowers only- a chupa (Jewish arch of flowers), aisle flowers and then bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres (which is really difficult to spell).

We were told well in advance that it would take 2 full hours to set up the chupa (after I show you pictures, you'll understand why), so we spoke with them the day before the wedding when they informed us that they'd be there at 3. We politely explained that since the ceremony was STARTING at 5, that if it was going to take 2 hours to set up the chupa that perhaps they should come earlier and we agreed on 1:30.

So imagine our surprise when we were headed out for pictures at 2:45 with NO FLOWERS. I think I did a really good job of not panicking, especially considering the earlier noticed typo on the marriage license and the fact that what started out as a small drip in the bridal suite was quickly becoming the ceiling caving in (it's no fun if things aren't completely insane) and the floor flooding. But thankfully, sometime around 3:15, the florists showed up and we began the pictures. Here are just a few of the 400 pictures...

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While we were taking pictures the florists were setting up the chupa. Apparently the 2 employees who came from the florist were a husband and wife, and according to our videographer they were incredibly unkind to each other and rather loud about it. The woman yelled at her husband, told him he'd never get it set up the way he was trying, told him that it was going to fall on his head and he'd die. Really really classy stuff. But, they did get it all set up. Only, they weren't finished until 5:20, again ceremony to start at FIVE, when the woman poked her head in the bridal suite (also known as the room that once had a ceiling and dry carpet) and told me I owed them the balance. Again, I did a fairly good job of not murdering the woman who had forced all my guests to stay inside while they finished bickering, I mean, setting up the flowers, but I did convince her to call her boss who informed her that we had, in fact, paid for all our flowers. And, as it turns out, then some.

The flowers, particularly, the chupa were gorgeous. See for yourself

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That said, those aisle flowers were not at all what we ordered and certainly were not 400+ dollars worth of aisle flowers. They were supposed to be big round bunches of flowers on wrought iron stands (the chupa was a wrought iron stand covered in flowers also, they were supposed to match). So we've spent the past week playing phone tag and finally got them to reimburse us for a small piece of the flowers we were supposed to, but did not get. And I know I'm complaining about this a bit, but know that for the most part, it was something that we didn't let affect our wonderful big day and that we didn't even deal with until after the honeymoon (much to the frustration of the florist I should add).

Next time (probably not until Monday), ceremony pictures, if I can find enough without Slappy's face to share. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

You're a beautiful bride! I love the pictures. So sorry to hear about the theft on your honeymoon.

Lisa C.

kim-d said...

That chupa is gorgeous, but nowhere near as gorgeous as Bride Kathnyn! Your dress looks even more beautiful in these shots, and so do you! I was trying to figure out exactly why it is that you look so spectacular; I mean, more so than your usual gorgeous self :). I think it's the softly curled, pulled-back-off-the-face hair. Whatever. On that day, I hope you felt as radiant and beautiful as you looked.

I didn't want to be nit-picky but I noticed right away that the aisle flowers didn't quite "fit" with the chupa and your bouquets. I don't know what that is they used on the aisles, but it looks like dried lavendar or that other stuff they used for all those country-decorating type dried flower arrangements back in the 1990s. You deserved some money back on that, although it did nothing to detract from the loveliness of your wedding site.

I'm so glad you're sharing your awesome pix; you obviously did your homework when you chose your photographer. Couldn't you just tell Slappy that if he will lighten up just a bit about the pix you post, it will entitle him to many, many more sexings of the honeymoon variety? BWAHAHAHAHA! THAT is the single funniest thing I have ever read/heard/whatever in my life, and I am going to use it every chance I get; i.e., "Hi, my name is Kim. Would you like one long sexing or two short sexings--your choice." BWAHAHAHA. You just keep right on surprising me with your continued funny-ness.

jojo said...

absolutely beautiful...thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

very nice. sorry to hear that the florist was less than stellar. i think flowers are probably one of the biggest wedding hazards. at mine, the bouquets were overly watered, so i had wet gloves, and the bridesmaids had wet spots on the fronts of their dresses. at my brother's wedding, pollen from the orange flowers transferred onto the bride's dress BEFORE pictures and walking down the aisle. and all over the groom's white tux eventually, but who cares about him, really? :P

Anna in IL

Lanny said...

I agree with Kim, Bride Kathnyn looked beautiful!!! Flowers are beautiful too.

I have a story similar to Anna's (who I sure wish would blog, 'cause I always like her comments!). I'll just leave it at poinsettias tend to milk, and it can be embarrassing!

I can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing!

nola said...

Sooo pretty!

Sandra said...

I am loving all these beautiful pictures! You looked stunning! Do you mind if I ask where your wedding was at? I am in S. California and my brother is engaged and looking for a location for the wedding and from just looking at your pics, it looks like it was somewhere beautiful... you can email me at if you don't want to post. Thanks!!

Taylor said...

What lovely, lovely flowers. And I've never seen a chupa before, and I can't believe how lovely it is! I need to go out and find myself a Jewish man so I have an excuse to have one of those (the Chupa, not the man!)

Also, as an aside, when my best friend got married 2 years ago, she chose the exact same bridesmaid dresses, only in black. Great minds think alike, I suppose!

(Also, it's "wrought" iron, not "rot." Just a head's up!)

Flea said...

I'm over here steaming for you about the flowers. They are gorgeous, though. And I LOVE the picture of you and the flower girl!

Cathy said...

Just catching up after my vacation. You are beautiful, wow! I love your dress and flowers and I really really love the bridesmaids dresses, great choice.