Wedding part 2: The Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The day after the rehearsal (Friday) Slappy and I parted ways for our final hurrahs with our friends/family. To say that our parties were a little different would be a vast understatement. I don't have any pictures of the bachelor party (I probably wouldn't be able to share them anyway), which is probably good for all of us, but I do have a few from my parties that I'll share. I may come into more pictures later, but for now you'll have to understand that I didn't have a camera with me and that you're going to be bombarded with so many pictures later you'll probably be glad to have a light picture blog today. Okay, you won't, but I tried.

Slappy was whisked off to Vegas Friday morning with his brother-in-law and older brother. Both of these men are great guys, but both of them are a little on the not-so-responsible side and I was scared for his life to put it mildly. Especially since his brother was driving and has been known to, well, smoke a lot of weed. And drink a lot of alcohol. And then drive. But anyway, they made it safely and as I understand it, here's how most of the night went:

Drink, gamble, switch casinos. Drink, gamble, switch casinos. Drink, drink, gamble, drink. At some point during the night they made their way to a club (of a nature I don't want to talk about) where the alcohol caught up with Slappy and he slept in the bathroom for a while, though triumphantly, never threw up. He then moved outside and fell asleep on the curb next to a trashcan. In Vegas. In the middle of the night.

Here's where I wish I had pictures. Apparently, while sleeping there, many tourists came up and took pictures with a semi-passed out Slappy. Like just random strangers took a picture with the guy who was so drunk he was sleeping by a trashcan outside of a "club." That's my husband. But seriously, if you were in Vegas on June 5th or 6th and took a picture of a guy sleeping by a trashcan, please please email me. I'm willing to shell out some cash. No really, I'm totally serious.

Anyway, eventually Slappy got to bed, and the next morning he and his brothers drove back, each with a different variety of hangover (it was Slappy's first hangover by the way, how cute is that?). His brother-in-law was tired and grumpy. His brother had the headache sensitive to light, and Slappy was fine until he ate, and then he spent the rest of the day feeling like he might hurl, which he says he did not. They all made it back alive, with all their fingers, toes and teeth. Which is good because they knew I would hunt them down and kill them if they had done anything else.

Now, onto the much tamer bachelorette party.

We got up at the ass-crack of dawn and went to Disneyland. My older (perfect) sister and younger (angstful teenage) sister drove me, and we met up with my sister-in-law (Slappy's sister) and several of my friends from high school, college and various former jobs, to play for the day. My flower girl and ring bearer and their mother were also at the park that day, but we just briefly met up for lunch, it was an adult disney day, if that's even possible.

The first stop was picking up the bridal mickey ears, because clearly I needed to be identified as the bride.

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Then we rode rides, ate crap all day (including a provocative chocolate banana, which there are pictures of that I won't be sharing) and eventually headed to Downtown Disney to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. And lingerie. My friends all brought in different lingerie for the party, and so we sat around, had drinks, good food and opened up underwear in public. It was awesome. Unlike my other half, I did not wake up hung over (it most definitely would not have been my first. Or twenty-first...), though we did get home really late. Or maybe it wasn't and I'm just old. Hard to say.

Saturday I went and got manicures/pedicures with my sisters, during which my younger (angstful teenage) sister broke up with her boyfriend over the phone, which made for a super-fun day. Then we saw the Sex and the City movie and then a really awkward dinner with my mom, dad, step-mom, step-dad and their respective families. All at one table. I was so tired I almost fell asleep in my plate.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(The restaurant made me a Baked Alaska with the world "congratulations" spelled out under it. It was really sweet except for the whole egg allergy, so my family ate it instead.)

And after our separate dinners, Slappy and I both went to bed, separately of course, in preparation for the next morning.

Next up, getting ready for the wedding pictures. Yep, I'm drawing this out, but it lets me re-live it a little bit and that's super bueno. Not to mention, the more separate blogs, the more pictures you get to see. See, it's really all about you guys and not at all about me relishing in not having to be creative or entertaining for a few days.


Anonymous said...

After reading about Slappy's day of drinking I would say it is pretty amazing that he made it to the alter. I still like your party so much more. Thanks for sharing your wedding, can't wait for more.

Flea said...

I was looking for yellow pus oozing out of the top of your halter. Very disappointed. :)

Seriously, way cool pics. Love the mouse ears.

Anonymous said...

I know the wrong place for this but have you been tested for diabetes? That is how my dad was diagnosed (well not because of a boob issue) but a wound on his foot that would not heal after surgery, multiple rounds of different antibiotics, IM shots of antibiotics in the buttox (to quote Forest Gump), it was suggested that he be tested (by the surgeon---board certified foot doctor). Just something to think about. Inability to heal is a big hallmark for the disease. Sorry to post here but I wanted to make sure you saw it ASAP.

Any thoughs on this idea?

Enjoy Texas!

Anonymous said...

Love the ears!!!

Overflowing Brain said...

Hey anonymous-

Yes, I have been tested for diabetes in the past, but not anytime recently. My understanding is that a lot of foot wound healing problems occur with diabetes, but I'm not sure if the same is true for other locations throughout the body. I'll definitely look into it.

It's actually more likely a connective tissue disorder that is related to the chiari that we've been dancing with the idea of for quite some time. I haven't had a doctor actually diagnose it, but several have suggested it and my physical therapists seem to think I fit it to a T.

I definitely appreciate the suggestion and I'm glad your dad didn't have boob problems. No, in all seriousness, I appreciate it and I will give it some thought for sure.