Wedding part 1: The Rehearsal Dinner

Monday, June 23, 2008

Okay, so before the wedding was the rehearsal and the affiliated dinner. I have pictures of the rehearsal itself, but like zero of them don't contain Slappy (by the way, you're going to be seeing a lot of pictures of just me, and it's not because I'm crazy conceited, it's because my husband does not wish to be pictured at all. Ever. It's like he thinks if a prospective patient saw a picture of him being an idiot they might not want to send their kid to his practice. Paranoid.), so I can't really show you much from that. Not to mention that like none of them are any good. But I do have pictures from the dinner, so here we go.

The rehearsal was slated to begin at 4. Of couse, 75% of those expected at the rehearsal weren't there until about 15 minutes past then, and by the time we began the rehearsal at like 4:25, almost none of them were sober, including my husband who ordered a shot of tequila after dealing with his mother for 10 minutes. My father practiced walking me down the aisle with a bloody mary in the arm he wasn't using to walk me. Classy.

Slappy's sister made cards with directions for everyone to get to the dinner. To be honest, the place was like 5 minutes away and when I first saw the directions I commented that they were a little weird, but no one listened. Which was awesome like 10 minutes later when the same sister called to let us know that the directions were wrong and that we needed to track down my whole family who was getting lost in Orange County, so they could get back to the where they were supposed to be. It was fairly humorous because most of them had realized they were going the wrong direction, but they didn't know how to get there, even though it was literally right next door to their hotel.

Meanwhile, Slappy and I realized that we had forgotten the only important presents for the rehearsal (the ones for the children who are too young to wait an extra day when they've been promised presents), so we had to go to his sister's house, open a window, climb through it and take the presents. Yea, we definitely did not look like burglers or anything. But we did make it, albeit about 15 minutes later than everyone else, to our own party. I believe that's called fashionably late. Or slightly rude. Not that our absence prevented anyone from starting with cocktail hour.

The restaurant was a small French place with cute little details all around. Our photographer was there (it's a long story), which means I now have some pictures to share, honestly, mostly of scenery, but hey, it's better than nothing, right?

(Had to remove the first picture- it had too much personal information that I didn't notice until I read through it again!)

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We enjoyed cocktail hour outside on the patio and then had a lovely dinner inside. There were several toasts made, my father cried, which was awesome and we just ate, drank and were merry. It ended up being a much nicer experience than I had anticipated and while it was exhausting to sit at a table with everyone's parents, it actually ended up being easy and natural conversation.

I only have 2 pictures of me that I can share (read: that don't contain Slappy), but I figured any were better than the staph pictures of a few weeks ago (let's pretend like this is the first time you've seen me, these are much nicer). So enjoy.

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(with the flower girl and ring bearer)

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(with Slappy's niece, I'm blowing a raspberry at her)

Next up, the bachelor/bachelorette parties.


April said...

That looks like a really nice place, and I love your dress! I can't wait to see more pic's!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Do you and the little raspberry cutie have the same dress on?

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the lady holding niece even has a dress that is similar, someone did a lot of coordinating, it looks very nice. You look beautiful and so happy. Hey an idea, can you show pictures of Snappy and blur his face? Just an idea, that way maybe we can see more picutes;) I love pictures!

Anonymous said...

CUTE dress! And you can't even tell your boob is leakey!

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

You look gorgeous! And non-staphy!

Anonymous said...

Holy cats! I think your rehearsal was fancier than my wedding!

Very beautiful!

Anna in IL

Anonymous said...

yaaaaay!!!! wedding stories :D and pictures - which are gorgeous! Can't wait for the rest!!

Lanny said...

You look beautiful! I can't wait to see more pics! Glad the dinner went well. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the b&w photo of you with the ring bearer and flower girl. You look so natural and happy and pretty. It looks like it could be an advertisement.

Daszzle said...

Aww, it's beautiful. I too am planning a wedding (for like 2 years from now) so it's awesome to read about your festivities. I'm glad the rehearsal dinner was a good one chica.

Take care,

Flea said...

What a pretty dress! You're okay too. :D Looks like you're having a great time. And YAY! for no staph infection!

Anonymous said...

beautiful picures Katie. Can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks beautiful! Including the bride! I am so enjoying your wedding vicariously.


Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely pics. I love the eye your photographer had. The candid shots are great!!!

Anonymous said...

Katie, I love the picture of you with the flower girl. You are so pretty!!