Wedding by numbers...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Since 7 this morning (after going to sleep at 3), I have:

-Received 13 phone calls (this whole thing worked better when I started and had received only 8 phone calls, but I'm not going to fudge facts for the sake of a more cohesive, numerically ordered blog)
-Made 7 other phone calls
-Written 6 wedding related emails
-Scheduled 5 finger or toenail related appointments
-Left 4 messages on answering machines
-Written 3 checks
-Played 2 rounds of mario kart (what? I needed a break)
-Taken 1 yeast infection pill (yea, that's right, all my inhibitions are gone people and hi, body? could you just quit on me A LITTLE MORE PLEASE?)
-Written precisely 0 of the thank you cards I need to write.

Getting married is an awful lot of work.


anabellster said...

Wow, busy busy busy!!! I take it you are planning your wedding? I wish I was planning mine. . . . . haha.


Your blog is interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

The notes will get written eventually. Everyone knows you're in a time crunch now, so don't sweat it. Sorry about the rest of the chaos.

Anna in IL

Anonymous said...

It's like this - for every thing you can cross off your list, you get rewarded at least half an hour of play time. I still live by that rule.

Anonymous said...

You brought the Wii?!! Sooo sorry abt the yeast infection. That is UNFAIR!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You think getting married is a lot of work? Wait til you see how much work BEING married is!

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

Hope that you had a great party today. I can't believe that you're getting married tomorrow!!! Congratulations!

Anna in IL

Anonymous said...

Well said.