To July and Beyond...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Okay, so still in Hawaii for another day and a half, but felt somewhat compelled to write something because the Father's Day post was still staring at me (Slappy is still sleeping, for the record, so I'm not taking time away from him for this) and perhaps I have a small blogging/technology addiction. Whatever. I just wanted to give you a rough idea of what's coming up both here and generally in my life, because after this beautiful Hawaiian vacation, things are going to hell in a specially woven handbasket.

We got our wedding pictures today (online) and eventually I'll share a few with you. There will be at least a good couple of wedding blogs, many good honeymoon blogs (also with pictures) and then I'm sure several ranting blogs about what's happening next.

After a few more days in Los Angeles, we will be driving back to good old NOLA. 3 days in the car, 800+ miles of mother freaking Texas, and then we will finally be home. Don't get me wrong, this vacation and the time in California has been priceless, but I miss my home and friends and my cat and I'll be glad to sleep in my own (I guess OUR own) bed. This plan puts us home sometime late next week depending upon how much of Texas we ignore the speed limit through.

Then on June 30th, I have a gynecologist appointment, a dentist appointment (3 cavities to be filled) and possibly a date with a shotgun. Seriously, that day is going to blow, but my new! job starts the next day and it needed to be done so I don't give that great first impression of asking for time off. I also have an appointment with the boob doctor on like the 3rd because she couldn't fit herself into doctor appointment Monday, but for inquiring minds, we're in a holding pattern. That is, no matter what I do, it continues to hurt and leak and ooze. And I've now finished round 4 of ass kicking antibiotics, and seem to be infection-free, so that is certainly good news. I have a sneaking suspicion that when I go in there we're going to later, rinse and repeat the same thing as last time. I'm guessing she's going to re-silver nitrate it and I'm going to continue packing it until it decides to close. Which right now, at 2 months post surgery, seems like it might be never.

Anywho, on July 1st, I report to my new job at 9am. Yikes (p.s. NOLA peeps, how long will it take me to get from uptown to Kenner by 9 in the morning? Is there a better route than the interstate? Heeeeeelp me). I will get out sometime around 4ish (I get out more like 6ish MWF) and then have my first night of summer session Chemistry II from 7 to 10. Yea, let that soak in for a while. MTWTh from 7-10pm for 4 weeks. If I post something completely incomprehensible on July 25th, just assume I've consumed massive quantities of alcohol in celebration with being done with that class because I'm pretty sure it's going to hand me my ass.

Once that's over, I'll have 2 weeks to study, fast and furious style for the GRE, take that, not suck at it, and then begin my regular fall classes, which include child psychology and microbiology, both online, but with a Tuesday 7-10 lab on campus. Things should settle down for me nicely once classes start, but I've got one mean month before that happens.

Some of you may be wondering if this was a long way of saying that I was taking a blogging break, and just so you know, you'd be wrong. All this really means is that you can expect a lot of blogs in capital letters about Texas, a lot of general pondering about how the hell to do Chemistry and I'm sure nice (and undoubtedly correct) usage of GRE vocabulary. If anything, I think this blog is about to get more smarterer.

Yep, we're going to get our education on. But not until after we get our wedding and hooneymoon on first.


Diana893 said...
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Diana893 said...
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Diana893 said...

Ahh sorry I posted first with the below message but then re-read it and was so appalled by my grammar/spelling that I then made a comment about that, but then I continued to read and it just got worse... so I'm starting over... sorry about that!! Take two:

Three words: COME SEE ME!!!!!! And if you haven't yet invested in a radar director - those are pieces of gold for long drives through the Texas/OK area where our *cough* special towns have a separate police patrol JUST for speeding. But really, some time you'll just have to take a little detour - I'll split it up if it's on a weekend! :)

Well you start summer school just as I FINALLY end this crazy 8 weeks. I used to think it's lame that my first day of summer isn't until the fourth of July, now I just can't freaking wait! And good luck with chem - haha I love that I go to one of the only nursing schools that doesn't require it as a pre-req... oh it makes me happy! Though in all honestly, I did enjoy it in high school... if it were me I'd put Slappy to use, he should rock that! On a side note, I think it's absolutely hilarious that he was "anonymous" - he's a special one you got there! :)

Enjoy the rest of Hawaii - I'm SO jealous!! Hugs from your all-time favorite state of Texas!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you wanna leave Hawaii at all! No, interstate to Kenna is best. You will be going agst traffic, and that will help. I'd say 35-40 minutes. But it may be less. Or more. Lotsa help, eh?

Anonymous said...

I-95. No, wait. That doesn't run through NOLA. And just to show you how messed up my brain is with the upcoming party (how the hell am I going to entertain 70 freaking people in my house??) I completely missed the whole "To July & Beyond" reference the first time I read your blog post.

Moondance said...

I did the Uptown to Kenner thing when I was in school. The I-10 is great, because no one is going that way, but getting ON take more time than the rest of your trip. Some days you will take Earhart or Jeff Hwy some of the way just to avoid the annoyances, but it takes longer.

Liz said...

I'm still waiting for PICTURES!

I'm such a picture addict.

Flea said...

Oh yay! A smarterer blog! It's what I've been looking for all my life! :)

Glad you're still alive. Enjoy Texas. Make sure your A/C's working well in the car!