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Thursday, June 12, 2008

So, funny story.

I asked The Artist Formerly Known as The Fiance how he felt about going with Slappy instead of Dr. Awesome since it was a tough choice and y'all seem to appreciate Slappy more, not to mention that it wouldn't change the prize since it was submitted by the same anonymous commenter. And he got this goofy grin on his face and told me if I really wanted to know his opinion. I said yes, to which he said, "I don't care, I'm Anonymous."

Apparently when i listed the rules, I failed to mention to my husband that it wasn't really fair for him to enter in his own judging contest. So yea, um, he picked his own name and will be henceforth known as Shithead, I mean Slappy.

He wanted to know what his prize was and I promised him a souvenir (despite the fact that he's right here with me, it's best just not to argue with him), but I thought I'd also extend a prize to the only entry that Slappy liked besides the ones that he submitted himself. This person clearly understands my husband's extreme modesty and the entry "His Exalted High Mightiness" from Robin was on his list of highly praised names (with his 4, of course). So Robin, if you'll shoot me an email, I'll pick you up a little something from our tropical paradise and send it to you when we get back to the mainland (or more likely when we get back to NOLA at the beginning of July).

And now, I'm going to finish my lunch and chilax until the Luau later tonight. Tomorrow we learn to surf and then will probably miniature golf. Saturday we're taking a half-day waterfall hike through the rainforest, Monday we're parasailing (holy crap) and Tuesday we're taking a combination kayak/snorkeling tour. And in all the times inbetween we'll be relaxing, doing other things I won't specify here, and snorkeling in our own little cove with the bajillions of sea turtles in our backyard.

Congrats to Robin and now I'm going to go spend some time with my husband, Slappy.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is hilarious! I do like a guy with a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

HeHe that is hilarious! I was wondering how one person knew TF so well, now I know. Well I think you should change it to shithead, I like it pretty good too;)

Flea said...

Though I don't typically use this sort of language (ever), I must agree that the husband is a shithead.

Slappy. Is that from Animaniacs? The old squirrel, Aunt Slappy?

Anonymous said...

Not even surprised. Husbands.

Anna in IL

Robin D said...

I won 5th place! Woo! Slappy must have a massive ego to like my suggestion.... I'll send you my info, but you have to promise that you're not a crazy internet stalker, ok?

Robin D said...

addendum: if you have your e-mail address posted anywhere, it's well hidden (or I'm just not very good at looking).

Overflowing Brain said...

Ha, you know what's funny Robin? I have no idea where my email is posted at. People manage to email me all the time and I've searched high and low and have never found my address on here. I thought maybe it was one of those things that only the non-owner of the site could see.

Possibly, I'm just dumb. My email address is Sorry for the confusion!