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Monday, June 30, 2008

Another non-wedding post, just to recap the last week in my life, because honestly, it's getting pretty comical again.

So let's see, we left California on Wednesday with no credit cards and drove across the country, slowly but surely. We stopped the first night in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and the second in San Antonio where we have some friends. The last day we passed through our least favorite place, hell, I mean Houston, where they have signs up everywhere just reminding us that it's hurricane season. Thanks Houston, we needed that.

We made it home rather uneventfully, and have been slowly unpacking. And by slowly I mean not even a little bit yet. Mainly what we've been doing is putting the pieces back together since our stuff got stolen. Things like, recovering all the documents from the old computers, refilling prescriptions, activating new credit cards, figuring out what to do about the fact that all of our checkbooks were stolen, getting the locks on the house changed since Slappy's keys were stolen and other fun chores. I'm happy to say I'm back on my normal medications and I'm hoping that it will stop the incessant run of headaches I have. I'm trying not to panic because perhaps I've been a little stressed out, but since that last day of our honeymoon I've had a headache EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We have replaced most of the necessities and no, my insurance didn't cover a dime of it. I don't have renter's insurance (I know I should have it but until money starts growing on my tree out in front, it just isn't gonna happen) and my car insurance would only cover damage to the car, of which there was none. So basically we had to pay for everything replaceable out of our own pocket, at no small cost. In fact, at a really big one.

One good piece of new is that all the Bed, Bath and Beyond and William Sonoma gift cards have been reissued and we either have it or it's on its way to us. The only card that couldn't be fixed was a 100 dollar American Express gift card, and since that AE card was paid for with cash, it can't really be tracked. Which sucks, because let me tell you, I could use 100 bucks right now.

Today has been an extra special day in the hell that has been the past 10 days. This morning I had a gynecologist appointment to the cost of my dignity and exorbitant co-pay. Then I went to the dentist and had 3 cavities filled and found out that my insurance only covers 2 fillings per year and only one of them can be enamel colored. So I'm paying out of pocket for the 3rd and the price difference between the enamel and metallic one for the 2nd one. Also, apparently my dental insurance doesn't cover x-rays because I had an outstanding bill from my check up in May. I knew there was a reason I avoided the dentist like the plague.

Oh, I'm not done yet.

I got home from the dentist and got a phone call from my husband (I do love typing that) saying, "I just got in an accident. I'll call you right back."

I called him right back because HELLO, YOU DO NOT CALL AND HANG UP LIKE THAT. He is fine, his car is mostly fine and it wasn't his fault. Some lady pulled too far into an intersection and then backed up as he was pulling forward. Frankly, compared to the damage his mother (cough*and I*cough) already did to the car he drives, it's almost nothing. But at least someone will get this paid for.

So he called his mother and informed her of the accident and they had a brief conversation where he explained to her that we got a letter from the California Registrar letting us know that we needed to file an amendment to our marriage license because the Rabbi scratched out something on his information. Note that this is a separate amendment from the one we have to file for my first name, but we can't really deal with that yet. First we have to verify that Slappy and Kathnyn got married, then we can see about changing it so that I actually married him.

And the MIL's reaction? She informed Slappy that it just wasn't that important to get it fixed. Who cared if we weren't actually married, would that be such a big deal? As she put it, there are "more important things" to deal with right now.

It's almost like she doesn't want us to be married. It's good that she's being so subtle about it too.

And after my head exploded, we headed to the glasses store to get new glasses (of which our insurances won't cover anything because you only get 1 pair a year...), only to find the store closed, despite the big sign saying they were open until 4 (and it was 3:45). Not a big deal except that I won't be able to go at all during the week so I will be without glasses for at least 2 more weeks (1 to order, 1 to get them in), which is probably good because my credit card is weeping at the thought of paying for another pair.

And last, but not least, I start a new job tomorrow. And a new crazy-intense summer school chemistry class tomorrow. Both of which are stressing me out in ways I cannot express with words. At least none that don't involve a lot of profanity. So that's last week and today in a nutshell. It really can only get better from here, right?


Anonymous said...

First, renters insurance is super cheap. And it covers your engagement ring, even if lost... At least look into it. Helps with hurricanes too. Did I mention it's cheap?

Ok, that MIL comment, really, I can't not laugh. Sorry. She'd rather forget the wedding. Priceless.

Ah. Glad the accident was minor. My bro and his son were in a kinda bad accident Friday. In hell, er, Houston.

WELCOME HOME! Awesome abt the reissuance of gift cards!!!

kim-d said...

OMG, the beastly MIL strikes again. So, let's see if I have this straight. The most important thing was the showers, the parties, the beautiful wedding, all the "showy" stuff? The marriage itself is incidental to all the "showy" stuff? Man, she's quite the piece of work, isn't she?

I'm glad about the gift cards, too--it's about time SOMETHING went your way. Other than being the most gorgeous bride ever, I mean! Serious.

Overflowing Brain said...

NOLA- where did you get renter's insurance? We looked into it last year (for the main purpose of insuring the ring(s) and it was crazy expensive for the New Orleans area. Or perhaps I have a skewed sense of expensiveness.

Greta Perry said...

Katie, I know you will be laughing about this in no time. Right now it just sucks and I feel awful for you and your new hubby. Good luck on your new job!

Lanny said...

Glad they were able to reissue the cards! Sorry they couldn't issue a new MIL while they were at it.

Good luck with the new job! I'm so excited for you. And good luck with school too.

Flea said...

Katie! Katie!! I just got 5 pair of glasses in the mail for 86 bucks! Yeah, 5 pair. Me and the two boys. It was that expensive because I added sunglass tint to a pair and two pair were extra strength prescription. Order online!

You'll need your prescription and the measurement between your pupils. The eye care people measured the pupil distance and wrote it on the scrip for me.

joanne said...

Early on in our marriage "Things Can Only Get Better" by Howard Jones became our anthm. And, well...we're kinda still waiting. Hoping things get better for you. I sure do admire your strength, and i'm a little jealous of your ability to tell a freakin' good story. And my MIL?? I think her best comment (at a family gathering) was..."where did I go wrong as a mother that I could have raised a son who would be with a woman who has a small bosom." Yeah..she's the best! Take care and good luck with the new job tomorrow!

joanne said...

anthem...I really do know how to spell, I promise.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Perhaps, since it's only Tuesday, you ought to crawl under a rock and hide til the week is over. Cuz in my experience, it CAN and DOES get worse!!

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

the only way to go is up at this point!!