Things I don't want to talk about

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

but which are stressing me out endlessly.

-Work: We have to give and grade exams in the same day, in addition to calling all the parents of any student who receives a D or an F for the semester to inform them that their child is required to go to summer school. Because those conversations always go swimmingly. Oh, and it's a super-good reflection of your teaching abilities when 1/3 of your students fail their exam. Which is graded on a 10 point scale. With a 5 point curve. Holy hell.

-Job Interview: Tomorrow beginning at 1:30, ending, at the earliest at 3:30. Am so stressed I could shit my pants over it. The worst part is, if I don't get the job, I'll know it's because I wasn't good enough. They don't have a big list of people they are interviewing and there's no advertisement for jobs, they just said they had room for another person and they needed to make sure I "fit in." I really really need and want to fit in.

-Wedding Shenanigans: First, is it really so hard to send in a pre-stamped RSVP card? Really? Is it? Because there are about 40 people who seem to think so. So now we're having to call people so we can figure out our actual number, which is probably going to be smaller than anticipated, so we're thinking about upgrading the meal, but we can't do that until we have a final count. Add to that, that we have to re-decide on a first dance song because my mother-freaking future in-laws ruined the one I loved (and posted last week). Please don't tell me just to tell them that it's my wedding, it's so not that simple. Because if it was, that would be pretty much the only thing I'd ever say to them. There is another issue with them right now (besides their offering advice on our honeymoon since they've now returned from it) that I won't talk about because it's just too personal but I am pissed to hell about it.

-Packing: I'm leaving for California on Saturday, which means I have to have everything packed by Friday when my mom arrives and we begin the drive. We won't be back until July, so I need a month's worth of clothes, all the dresses I'll be expected to wear to rehearsals and graduation in addition to all honeymoon clothes and wedding materials that need to be transported. Just a few things to do in addition to everything else.

-Dentist: I loathe the dentist. With a deep burning passion within my soul. Which is why I haven't been for 2 1/2 years, which is why I know that this visit won't be pleasant. That's Thursday, anticipate much ranting afterwards.

-Boob: Something is awry, I don't want to talk about it and I'm hoping if I give it a little time it will fix itself. Also because my doctor is out of town for the week, so there's not really anything that can be done. Sigh.

So that's why I'm not writing the blog I'd planned to do today, which is all about y'all being right and me being wrong. That one will have to wait until after tomorrow's interview and a big ass chill pill.

P.S. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. I had a superbly wonderful birthday filled with really good food (Jacques Imo's mushroom stuffed salmon...YUM), presents (including Wii Fit when it comes out tomorrow!) and just a nice relaxing day.


Anonymous said...

Oy vay!!!! Just gonna be a busy week. But look at it positively--last day of hated job, you'll nail that interview--just be yourself, and, um, what was the other? Oh, yeah, YOU ARE PREPPING FOR THAT AWESOME WEDDING!! Take the time to enjoy. You have the choice. Choose to focus on the good things. Because your first wedding is for love :)

Flea said...

Well, girl, I was out of commission yesterday. Sorry. I'd have commented had I gotten around to reading any blogs before eleven o'clock tonight. :(

Your MIL again! Surround yourself with really good friends who will be honest with you and see through her crap. People who will be strong with you, and when you need it, FOR you. People who love you. Non-in-law family. You need and deserve it.