Retail Therapy OR Marital Madness Part the first

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Prepare yourselves for the transformation into the wedding blog because friends, the event is 35 days away and aside from those two pesky final exams next week and that unimportant job of mine, it's pretty much all that is going on in my universe.

Example- yesterday, we very much wanted to go to Jazz Fest. In fact, I wanted to go last week to see Billy Joel, but due to the weather and the fact that I was still incapable of eating due to the Keflex, I just couldn't make it. This weekend, though the weather in the morning was dismal, the day was looking clearer and brighter, and even not too hot. But frankly, we just couldn't pay for it. With the tickets being 50 bucks each, the shuttle being 16 a piece and the cost of all the food we would've eaten, well, frankly, I thought it would be wiser to pay our air conditioning bill rather than see Jimmy Buffet. Sad but true.

So, instead we went on a shopping extravaganza. I know, the logic here seems unsound. We don't have enough money so we went shopping, but you see, there is this separate account- the wedding account, with much money in it. Granted it's budgeted money, but being an excellent budgeter, I budgeted in the shopping experience of yesterday.

First, we went and got The Fiance sized for his Tux. Shopping with The Fiance experience. Last weekend we looked at rings at a nice jewelry store and the woman behind the counter looked at me and said, in all seriousness, "You must REALLY love him." And I do, which is one of the few reasons he survived the past two shopping experiences. He was sized rather uneventfully, though he did slap me in the boob with his wallet, he swears unintentionally. Again, I almost laid down and died right there in the tux store, but I pulled myself together and survived. It was a close call.

Right next door to the tux place is an Ann Taylor Loft. I don't think I've ever mentioned my love of Ann Taylor. For whatever reason, I wear a smaller size at Ann Taylor than anywhere else. Ann Taylor makes me feel like I have a great body, like I am as skinny as I secretly wish I was. She's all, Katie, that's a cute dress, why don't you try it on in a 2? And I'm all, Ann, a 2? No. But it fits because Ann is my home-girl. I didn't buy the size 2 dress, but I did buy this honeymoon bathing suit and matching skirt. I couldn't help it.

From there we went into the mall on a hunt for our wedding gifts to each other. We're both a mix of indecisive and uncreative, so basically we picked out things we knew we'd need for the wedding and bought them "for each other." I use quotations because we used our respective debit cards that both bill to the wedding account. But it's the thought.

For The Fiance, I bought Mignon Faget cuff links. Funny story, the first time we went to Mignon Faget, The Fiance read the sign as he walked in and said VERY loudly in the very small store, "Why would anyone want something from Mig-non Faggot?" I died. But these are his fancy new cuff links.
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Then we moved on to me. I wanted earrings for the wedding. I cannot disclose information about my dress because The Fiance is reading and does not want to know, but for a very particular reason besides the absurd cost of diamonds, I chose pearl earrings. The ones I got were salt-water pearls and they are gorgeous.
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After the earrings we bought cookies, which I do not have pictures of, and then went home where I pretended to study, but didn't actually get really anything done whatsoever. We did get a wedding present, which is exciting, except I've been informed that we can't use anything until after the wedding, which is lame-tastic, but I do love a good tradition, so I'm dealing with it. As you'll see, the dead cockroach next to it, also likes waffles. I did not pose it, it came out and died there last night, I'm totally serious. Welcome to the cockroach graveyard.
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Oh and that's a William Sonoma cookie cutter on top. It comes with the gift wrapping of all WS gifts, which means that so far we have like, um, 12 of them. Which is fine by me. Can you say wedding favors? Just kidding. They're more of a birthday gift than a party favor.

I also ordered our personalized water bottles and made a call to my friend Tiffany about some wedding bands. She's going to call me back later, and hopefully The Fiance won't change his mind again before then.

So now all we have left to do is, all my thank you notes from the wedding shower, the DJ reception form, choosing string quartet music, choosing a first dance, pick a veil, get wrapping paper for our actual party favors, make dentist and gynecologist appointments (okay, so the latter isn't wedding related, just on my to-do list, thanks to the post card they sent me as a reminder...), and organizing the RSVPs into a seating chart and every other thing that has to be done within the last month before a wedding. Oh, and those two final exams.

Right. Studying, that's what I was supposed to be doing right now.

What. ever.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything you won't do to procrastinate studying? ;)

Overflowing Brain said...

I don't know. Let me set aside some time tonight to ponder your question before I get back to studying.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he should borrow the matching tux studs. Let me know.

Let the fun begin!!

Flea said...

I love the fleur de lis links. Our dentist in Gretna growing up was a Dr. Faget. We thought it hilarious. :)

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

I have the Mignon Faget fleur-de-lis ring & necklace charm.....adore it. I also adore the Mignon wedding cake charms among other things.

And isn't spending budgeted money fun? There is so little guilt!!

LauraMae said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love new visitors, and get approximately 1 every six months =) Anyhow, I am totally up to my neck in wedding plans myself! Sounds like you are very organized...that's a pretty small to-do list if you ask me...congrats! Where is the big day taking place?

kim-d said...

Okay, I admit it--my mind, very first thing, turned Mignon Faget into Filet Mignon. Guess we know what's continually on my mind. At any rate, I love the links. I pretty much love anything fleur-de-lis; I don't know why because I have no idea what it stands for (although I will soon find out)--I just like it.

All of the wedding shopping, etc., sounds much fun! I can't wait for more details on all things wedding!!!

Anonymous said...

Them are some nice cufflinks and earrings. I think I might have to steal your waffler though.

Now get back to studying!

Anonymous said...

Fleur de Lis means the flower of life. Just thought you might want to know.

And girl, whatcha talkin bout? You can fit into a size 2 (I know Ann Taylor) and claim to feel fat. What. Eve. Although, I do like that I fit into a smaller size there, too, but I ain't mention no numbers.