Money money money, Money!*^

Friday, May 16, 2008

(Yes, I know it's somewhat crass to talk about money, deal with it)

So it's May 16th. I got paid last Friday and as of last night when I paid my credit card bill (just the monthly required amount, no where near the entire balance) I was already beginning to worry about making it through the month. I wasn't low on cash due frivolous spending, but when your refrigerator breaks with 100 bucks of groceries in it, you have to make some extra purchases.

So anyway, I went to the bank today to deposit a check that I've been holding onto since, um, Easter, and when I got my receipt, it was immediately evident that something had gone remarkably right. I had roughly 600 dollars more than I did when I checked my account last night.

My first emotion was concern, because surely a check must have bounced or something must not have gone through and that's why I got money back. And then I remembered the only thing Republicans have ever done that I've truly supported- tax rebate. I gots me one and I loves it. I can buy my sister a graduation gift and my mother a belated birthday/mother's day present. I can even buy food next week.

Add that awesomely awesome news to that fact that my insane credit card company extended my credit limit again, so really, I'm just swimming in it, except for you know, the vast sums of debt all around me.

Good things just continue to happen to me and I continue to be petrified by how karma is going to balance itself out.

p.s. New cooking lesson tomorrow- not low fat, but absolutely awesomely wonderful. If I do say so myself.

*Edited at 12:31 am to add- now covered in hives. Can honestly say that I'd give all the money back to MAKE THE ITCHING STOP.

^Edited at 5:41 am to add- no more itching and apparently no more sleeping. If this is what money does to a person, I may reconsider my decision to leave teaching.


Anonymous said...

yeah! free money. Now go forth and stimulate the economy. (that just plain sounds nasty). Nice to see things looking up for you, hope it all continues on the medical front too! Have a good weekend.

Flea said...

Hoorah for Republicans! (Yes, that was said with a straight face. What?!)

Anonymous said...

Glad your string of good luck is holding out!!

Kate said...

Yay money :-)
I loves me some free money!
And hope the itching stops soon

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Is the itching totally gone? I'm worried about you!

Hallie :)