Katie's Law Strikes Again

Monday, May 12, 2008

So on Saturday we went to a Farmer's Market (2 actually) and got great fresh foods, including fresh shrimp, hummus and berries. It was great. Yesterday and I went grocery shopping and spent about 75 bucks on groceries in an attempt to begin eating healthily again. I was actually pretty pleased with myself and rather looking forward to dinners of tequila shrimp (with cilantro rice and black beans), chicken stir fry and my current favorite, tortilla soup.

And then yesterday our refrigerator stopped working. And do you know how quickly fresh shrimp stops being edible after the refrigerator stops cooling? Quickly. So quickly I couldn't safely cook it for dinner last night. And so we cleaned out the entire fridge and put as much food as we could in two mini fridges and put everything in the freezer on ice and contacted our landlord about fixing the situation.

She emailed us back- the fridge guy will be here Monday morning.

Yea, that would be NEXT Monday.


kim-d said...

Next Monday? Whatever you spent on that shrimp, AND anything else that spoils in the next week? WOULD be deducted from the next rent check. What I'm wondering is, what's gonna happen when the fridge guy gets there NEXT Monday and then has to order parts that will be back-ordered. At what point will the landlord do something REAL about the situation?

THIS situation was somewhat avoidable, but I'm thinking your landlord is...ummm...how shall I put this? NOT THE FREAKIN' SHARPEST CRAYON IN THE BOX? Just get a new fridge in there already! Geez...

Anonymous said...

I like liprap's idea on Twitter. Or mark that the landlord is in it!!! Sorry!

Lanny said...

You've got mail. It's got a possibly personal info question in it, that's way I emailed it.

Sorry about the fridge! That sucks!

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Methinks you should discuss your grocery deductions with her....if the power company in NOLA will reimburse you (they cut our power off, nevermind it was our neighbors who hadn't paid their bill, not us) for your fridge full of food, your landlord should too.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. I bet I'll be able to top it just based on past history (our hot water heater dying the day darling daughter graduated from high school & flooding the basement) and planned future events (son's graduation with planned party here and my refrigerator making very odd noises). If you want, I can buy shrimp so I can match you.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

In my job we are trained to look at everything from a Strengths Based Perspective.

The shimp were probably tainted with some rare form of red tide disease and if you had eaten them, you would have died! Therefore, it's a good thing the fridge died!!

There! Doesn't that make you feel better?

Hallie :)

Flea said...

Hallie's got something there. Chalk it up to this being a good thing. :)

How's your pit?