Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First, the doctor agreed, staph infection. To be treated with Bactrim and Levaquin, also known as, two drugs that will insure that I am incapable of eating in the next week, which just means that bathing suit I just bought will look at lot better on me.

Also found out that the pathology revealed both typical and atypical hyperplasia, which again, not the worst news, is also not the best news. I'm unwilling to deal with it now, so we can chat about it another time.

Now excuse me for a moment while I rant. Hey anonymous, you who posted at 10:55am? I don't know how to read your comment, so I'm going to respond to it in a benefit-of-the-doubt way and then it the way that I think it was written.

Benefit of the doubt: Yes, I am for real. Seriously. Thank you for asking.

In the way I think you mean it: To me, that comment read pretty asshole-esque. Perhaps it was the fact that you were unwilling to leave a name, or maybe it was that for whatever reason, the tone is not coming out very nicely. I am for real and in case you hadn't noticed, I'm having a pretty crappy couple of weeks. I can see how that might be hard to figure out, what with my post having been about a mother freaking staph infection in the armpit associated with the breast surgery I just had, but just to clear up any confusion, right now, things are royally shitacular.

I'm not sure what kind of person reads a blog about someone having a hard time healthwise and leaves an anonymous comment about whether or not I'm for real. I'm aware that I've had a bad run of luck because I'M LIVING IT. I am currently feeling the fever I have, the headache, the pain my breast from where my last stitch and bandages were removed today and the uncomfortable-ness of the egg sized swelling in my armpit. I'm feeling the tightness from the incision from the brain surgery I had 5 months ago. Yea, it's pretty fucking real and yea, it sucks. I'm so glad you felt a need to come and remind me of it. You think it's hard to imagine that I'm for real from reading about it, imagine this being your life. Believe me, if I could pinch myself and wake up from this nightmare, I'd do it, in a freaking heartbeat.

Do you think I'm enjoying this? Do you think that it feels good to be poked and prodded by doctors and be put on medications that ravage your stomach and leave you with yeast infections and diarrhea? Do you? I just assume that if you doubt my authenticity that you probably fall into that group of people who think that I'm enjoying this. So let me clear it up. I'm not.

If you'd like to email me I'd be happy to further prove my legitimacy. I am a 24 year old brain surgery, breast surgery and recurrent staph infection survivor. I also suffer from osteopenia from an eating disorder in college, an anxiety problem and a random predisposition to urinary tract infections. I like cats, long walks on the beach, being healthy and relaxing. And incidentally, I hate rude people.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Katie, should I send Guido over to you? He's real good at taking out the kneecaps of rude people.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping it wasn't meant that way too, but in all seriousness, I doubt it. I'll never understand the rudeness of people and i've had my share of the insensitvities of others. Know that there are many more of us who know this is for real and that you are living it every-single-stinking-day. Feel better soon.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...


You rock! I mean seriously rock. I am SOOOO glad you told anonymous exactly where to go. You have every right to have read ASS-HOLE-NESS from that comment. It was no funny. It was not kind. And it was f-ing rude.

You have strength like I've never seen and you impress me more and more each time I read your blog.

Those of us that "know" you and love you from this blog will never ask you if you're for real...we know you are.

Hang in there.


kim-d said...

As you can imagine, my ass is righteously chapped on your behalf. How dare the ever-cowardly anonymous say something like that to you. STAPH INFECTION, YOU MORON!!! DANGEROUS. Especially for a person who doesn't have such a stellar immune system to begin with. But all of that is almost beside the point, because it is none of anonymous's effin' business. Like Hallisicle said, anonymous is effin' rude, and had best stay anonymous. Loser.

I, too, am in awe of all you go through and just keep on keepin' on. And I love ya.

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Rude commentors are the worst... I switched to Haloscan for my comments after some psycho started threatening me and now I can block IP addresses of any asshats who stop by for the sole purpose of being rude.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that it's staph (oh man, am I sorry!) and sorry for the rude commenter. Stay strong!!

Lanny said...

Dang it Katie, you made me spit coke on my computer with the last two sentences! :) What will I do without your humor while you're on your honeymoon?

I'm glad you addressed that comment. I was wondering how they meant it too. As hard as I tried to give the benefit of the doubt, I just couldn't. It ticked me off, and I'm not even you! Grr! Sounds like a lot of the Katie Posse would be willing to take anonymous on though!

Sorry it's staph. I'm on Levequin right now, and it's killing my stomach. I can't imagine adding another abx to it. I hope you catch a break and by some miracle it doesn't get to you this time.

Thinking lots of positive thoughts for you!

Anonymous said...


So sorry that you are going through so much lately :-( Also, sorry about the person who left the comment. Kara has had to deal with that a lot as well. I just don't understand it at all. Anyway...we're thinking of you! :-)

Sherri & Kara