And so it continues...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So technically speaking, I lied. I'm not actually on Bactrim DS and Levaquin for the staph. Why you ask? Because suddenly my insurance isn't covering Levaquin. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've taken it a bunch of times and have never had a problem obtaining it for my standard 5 or 10 dollar prescription cost. Which is why you can imagine my surprise when the pharmacy tech told me that it would be 85 bucks for those 7 pills. Say what?

In case you're not a mathematician, that's 12+ dollars a pill.

But my favorite part of the experience was being at the pharmacy and listening to the tech's conversation with my insurance company. And when he said aloud, "Oh, she hasn't met her deductible?" I laughed. Out loud. LOL. Because, hello? Has anyone ever met an insurance deductible quite the way I have? In this insurance year I've had 2 surgeries, have easily had over 30 prescriptions, but somehow, haven't met a 100 dollar prescription deductible.

Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I don't know why I'm surprised by this, but since the insurance people are already out of the office for the day, I can't get it taken care of until tomorrow, so for at least one more day the staph war will continue to be waged within my body.

But at least I'm done with my classes, so I have all kinds of time to be on the phone with my insurance company tomorrow. See that? That's me being an optimist. Yea, I didn't like it either.

(Staph pictures probably tomorrow. If you really want to see them.)


Anonymous said...

You should WRITE to the insurance company! Something for the file!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Katie. Maybe you got all those other Rx's for free but just don't remember it and really didn't hit the deductible. Because, otherwise, that means the insurance company made a mistake and we all know they never make mistakes because they do hire the most intelligent people in the world, people who think they know better than doctors on how to best treat patients & stuff like that. So yeah, it must be you who made the mistake.

Becs said...

Insurance sucks. I dont understand why we pay money every single freakin paycheck but then when we actually need to use the insurance, we cant because we havent met a deductible or it isnt covered! WTF?