With a cherry on top.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

We booked our honeymoon this past weekend. It's something that we've been working on for a while, going back and forth between destinations, and after much deliberation, we finally we decided upon Maui. So Sunday afternoon we booked our flights and hotel. All was well and we were very excited.

Until this week, when every single piece of shit has hit every fan in the universe.

Interestingly we were going to fly ATA. Not so much anymore. So we thought maybe we'd fly Aloha. And now, frankly, we're just wondering if we can afford it at all.

Really, just the cherry on top of the crap-cake that has been this week.


Anonymous said...

You should do a money dance at the wedding to pay for the honeymoon! ;)

Overflowing Brain said...

Yea, only, I'm pretty sure we'd have to make it a 20 dollar minimum on the donation. We looked up prices on one of the like 3 airline still flying there. Think like mid-800 dollar range. Without taxes.

Anonymous said...

Did you look at cruises? My in laws went on a cruise to Hawaii because it was sheaper than a flight, hotel room and car rental. We wen tto the Bahamas and found a great deal. THe cruises include your food nad some of them include all your drinks. SO it may end up being cheaper in the long run.


Overflowing Brain said...

We have looked into cruises, extensively. We were debating between that and Hawaii for weeks.

We decided that we wanted a more relaxing vacation (we've been on a few cruises and I just want to be able to sit on my butt as long as I want to without being left behind), but now we're waiting to hear back from expedia about our refund and other flying options.

Frankly, I think I just want to be mad about it for a while. I'm going to go get cake now. The wedding diet hath died.

Flea said...

Nola's idea is a good one. It's the one reason I regretted not marrying at home. :( I missed out on the money dance.