The boobectomy

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Okay, so perhaps I wasn't lucid at all when I typed the lsat post. I've since slept for like 4+ hours an am not quite there.

I know at one point talking to my dad on the phone, zoning out and him asking me if I had a priest (for our wedding) and being laughed at hysterically when I told him that we'd found a minister AND a Rabbi. I'd say that the anesthesia has quite an effect on me. Or perhaps it was the copious quantities of anti-emetics, and anti-psychotics they used to calm my stomach down.

Either way, I was kind of a mess. But on the upside, no narcotics, no tylenol, no real pain which is so awesome If I could just remember how to write, that would be awesome.

Since I dozed off 10 times writing this, I think I'm done for the day. Thanks for the good thoughts, and have a good laugh at my expense.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back and doing well. Keep us posted!

lace1070 said...

Katie ~ so glad you are done with yet another wonderful personality builder ordeal! Get some rest and heal up quickly. Hugs ~ Lace

Flea said...

Hey - now you get to go bra shopping! Isn't that exciting?!

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Glad you are back & doing ok. Lots of good thoughts.

Moondance said...

You won't remember writing this. Won't it be fun to read it later?

Seriously, glad you made it through.

kim-d said...

Yes. I admit it. Did laugh just a little. But then realized I need to be giving you kudos for being such a dedicated blogger instead :). I'm so glad it's over and that it appears like everything went as it should. I'll stay tuned for the lucid post to get the true 411. HA!